Monday, February 26, 2007

Sally's garden

spring crocus, delicate and beautiful
so pretty, luminous
purple edge hellebore
Sally lives near the sea and this photograh shows the mulch of seaweed on the left, she will cover as much of the garden as she can with it, good growing!!!


HORIZON said...

The seaweed is a great idea- how long does it take to rot down? Never tried it before. Going to look it up online.
Raining here today with a spot of blue sky here and there ;)

HORIZON said...

have been reading here :)

Granny said...

Our early fruit trees and almonds are blooming beautifully. All shades of pink, white, and inbetween.

I'm still waiting for the crocus and daffodils. Perhaps I've just missed them because I'm usually driving. Not too cool to look for spring flowers at the same time.

Alice (in BC Canada) said...

Beautiful pictures, as always, Claire. Coming here often feels like someone gave me a bouquet of flowers to brighten my world. I particularly like the purple flower with the red stamen (I think it's called a stamen, isn't it? The thing in the middle of the flower) The contrast in color and texture really appeals to me. Thanks for sharing them.

clairesgarden said...

Horizon, I'm not sure how long it takes to rot down,its a traditional thing in scotland anyway, I ave only ever gathered it and added it to my compost heap.
Granny, you keep your eyes on the road! how lovley to have trees in bloom, they are'nt near that stage here yet.
Alice, thankyou! I am glad you like them, I love the luminous inside of such a pretty crocus flower, nature amazes me!!

Kerri said...

Ahh, to live near the sea....
The salt from the seaweed doesn't bother the garden?
I'm always amazed at your closeups. You do so well with your camera.