Wednesday, April 29, 2009

busy days

I love the centre of the primrose
just the ideal subject for 'macro lens'
here is the 'cowslip' primrose. I grew these from seed and they've taken about two to three years to flower, one of those that you forget about and get a nice surprise when they turn up.
and a paler version. not long lasting but special when they are here.
I had a really busy day, house cleaning being the least popular but essential. much nicer time going to see Abbey. manged to fit in cutting the grass, some weeding and potting on in the greenhouse. as usual too many of some things but its nice to keep them growing and find other homes for them. also did some splitting of plants for sharing, easy things like Ladys Mantle, London Pride, some Foxgloves and some Aquilegia....I have a destination in mind for them already, a friends garden in need of some filling of spaces.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

busy bee

a very busy bee, I couldn't get him in focus!
the beautiful squares of the fritilary,
just fascinating, it took years for them to grow in the garden, there are about a dozen now. unfortunately when they are just growing they look like blades of grass so I think the first couple of years I weeded them there are advantages to not getting around to weeding!
this pulmonaria was a cutting from a friend
and the pretty littly dodecatheon, with some more flowers to come

Thursday, April 23, 2009

single species erradication

too many weeds, too little time! so in order to feel I had accomplished something yesterday I chose to get rid of all the dandylions. I had tome to do it and did not let myself get distracted by all the other weeds......their time will come....
and here's my favourite primrose, Guinevere.

Friday, April 17, 2009

do not adjust your colour...

sorry not the best picture, its a bit dull. I was gifted some lovely fresh eggs this week. the two light coloured eggs are pale blue, they look vey unusual when you are used to white and brown! laid by Crested Cream Legbars. and I can't re-take the photo as they have now been scrambled...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Wednesday, April 08, 2009


the first picture taken with a new camera of the first vegetable bed I have planted up this year. its all peas and beans....can't wait!

I badly scratched the lens of my fabulous Canon S2 IS, so its now been replaced with the newer version, a Canon S5 IS.
zoom works well too

and its got a 'movie mode', so Daisy was my first try with this new camera, and the new software allows you to extract a still from the movie, so this is the first one of those too!!

Friday, April 03, 2009

Abbey settles in

heres a picture clearly showing the 'punky' line of hair that never lies over, funny wee pony!
this is a link to a short video on the Quantum Savvy video page, its Abbey meeting her new friends, getting chased a lot and then on day six how chilled they are.

I have been getting busy in the greenhouse too, a bit late for starting some things, tomatoes etc, usually they would have been started in March but I've been busy playing with Abbey and neglecting my garden! most things should catch up, its been really cold to so there was a reluctance on my part to get out and get things going in an unheated greenhouse...there are signs I've been in there though, a pile of used coffee mugs that I keep forgetting to bring back in to wash....maybe when I run out them in here...