Wednesday, September 24, 2014

company car again

 a photo of me in Little Red
my daughter Rosie who visited the farm for the first time in nearly a year.. she had driven a similar tractor in the past but wasn't quite sure about this one.. I think the rusting roll cage doesn't inspire confidence. . .

Friday, September 19, 2014

aww, her first pair of boots

Abbey hasn't had metal shoes on her feet since shortly after she came to me. Mostly she does just fine with her hooves bare. She manages the stony driveway, and the very rough lane through the trees.. however one ride we do occasionally involves a stone track that has been repaired with big rough stones and she just can't walk on them.. so the choice was not to go there or to try boots. She had them on for 20 minutes today for a wee wander round, they seem fine, she didn't seem bothered with them at all and there were no obvious rubbed spots. Cavallo Simple Boots

Saturday, September 06, 2014

internet jigsaw

Horse Jigsaw PuzzleHorse Jigsaw Puzzle

here's a wee thing to while away time.. I like 'real' jigsaws and have a puzzle board to do them on, this means they can be put away which is essential when living with three cats.

Thursday, September 04, 2014

trials and tribulations

I suffer dreadful jealousy of people with money, that they can buy the things they do, that the car costs more than my house..  I very much dislike that they think they are allowed to control what you can or can't do with your life, their opinions and ways of doing things are not the only ways... and to the lady on monday who will never read this... you forget where you came from, what your ideals once were, how to be kind and honest... I'm jealous of your money and your 'things' for sure but I'm never going to be jealous of your monied attitude because your pretty and he decided to lift you up to your self exalted status, its a shame you can't be more of a credit to the person who has given you every chance and everything you ever wanted.. you have both lost sight.
I will try to forgive them anyway, but my attitude tends more towards.. stuff them. lol .