Sunday, April 14, 2024

Flying out of Castlegar , May 2007

seems a very long time ago. hoping to revisit in 2025

Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Tuesday, March 19, 2024

spring into mud...

 Monday Mornings... 

well, you have to laugh... there isn't any point trying to brush it off either as some of it is still wet... 

weather is rain off and on, occasional ray of sundhine, more rain. 

a friend said mud is good for the complexion, my reply was that her bum must have the best complexion ever then... lol

Met Office Weather , I have Wednesday off work so I hope its drier. 


Somewhat cloudy with a few light showers Tuesday morning, perhaps persisting until early afternoon. Generally becoming clearer with sunny spells through the day as winds become lighter. Maximum temperature 12 °C.


Dry through the evening but cloud gradually building from the south. Lower cloud with a few outbreaks of rain arriving around midnight, continuing until dawn. Minimum temperature 5 °C.


A cloudy morning with outbreaks of light rain. This gradually clearing east to allow some sunny spells in the afternoon. Drier and clearer all day for Argyll and the Isles. Maximum temperature 10 °C.

Sunday, February 18, 2024

time to start seeds

Beans exhausted after supervising my splitting clumps of snowdrops to share some with a friend. they were dug up this morning, bulbs washed and put into damp paper. then transplanted into their new garden in the afternoon. hopefully they will put on a good show next spring
very mild temperatures and a mostly dry day, later in the week its to get back to freezing, and its to be wet most day, hopefully not too windy. 
time to start seeds , a tray of Onion Tosca
and a tray of Leek Blue Solaise
in the greenhouse with plastic propagator lids over the top. these veggies can cope with the cold
I've had seeds from MoreVeg before, they always do well, they are in smaller packets which are perfect for the home garden grower, and very economical to buy. 

the light was fading and those last photos have a funny tint to them. the streetlamps weren't on yet but it was starting to get dark. the days are noticably longer which pleased me very much. I use a SAD lamp in the mornings to try and combat the winter blues. 

Sunday, January 21, 2024

whats the weather , greenhouse temperatures

greenhouse on Friday morning, the door was frozen closed most of the week so this high and low covers a few days, dry weather and bitterly cold. bear in mind the greenhouse reads warmer than the outside. 

 this is from this morning , its warmed up. bringing with it heavy rain and high winds, disruption warning to roads etc...