Saturday, June 15, 2019

Garden Cat

Casper is a bundle of energy, he's now been here over four weeks so time to start introducing the outside world, the first day he was out of site for about 5 hours... just as I really started to worry he appeared back. Then the rest of this week, as not as work, I've been here to let him out for a couple of hours in the morning and a couple of hours at night.
This hasn't immediately stopped him spraying in the house though, was hoping it would...but at 14 years old and on his third home this year... he's probably still settling in and for now I can put up with it. Every carpet in the house needed replaced anyway... and now that they are all decorated with cat pee... even more so.
I have never in my life, and all the cats that have shared that time with me, had a cat that does this.
The garden is getting ''damage control'' rather than actual gardening, more large shrubs cut right down. On Thursday I cut the grass and made a start on the hedge... its been allowed to grow to about 6ft and I would prefer it at 4ft at least round the front. Privacy is nice .. but... its too small a garden to have such a large hedge , makes it seem dark and cramped, and when I did garden  people could look over and chat.. now I don't even know who's passing by.
I took Casper out with me when I was pottering that afternoon...  but he wasn't impressed and took himself back into the house.

Sunday, May 26, 2019

growling cat.....

he's a talker.
Casper expressing his displeasure at not being allowed outside.
an older cat, 14,  only recently re-homed with me,  he's not going to be getting out till mid June. he has to  settle with the house and bond with me first.
 he's very playful, but pointing the camera at him...
makes him leave and hide somewhere.. he likes under the bed.

Monday, May 06, 2019

Sunday Garden

 the box is being removed, so took some pictures before that was out.. I've already removed a considerable spread of its overgrown branches. likely some will sprout from the remaining roots.
 the tree
 twisted hazel.. and strangely the greenhouse has solid sides...
 minus a veggy bed in the foreground.. allowed to grow over.. and only one cold frame

 constrained by trying to save the azalea behind and the bricks at the front
 I resorted to cutting the roots as I found them with secatuers
 and its out
 massive spider in the greenhouse
dug out.. put back in ... see if we can grow legs and christmas baubles..

Saturday, May 04, 2019

2019. and here we go again...........

todays picture of ''the tree'' , quite some difference in height. it was planted around 2005.
2008, Tansy attempts to climb it but there's not a lot to hold onto. she would love it now. sadly she passed away a couple of years ago.
for just now I am back living in my flat. the garden is good though overgrown and the soil has no ''life'' and needs attention.
time will see what happens.

Friday, March 15, 2019

carry on gardening...

 photos sent to me by the letting agents , as the tenants have now left the property. they have, thankfully, left the garden very tidy.
 three veg plots look ok and ready to be used... there used to be another veg plot in front of the post.. and there were two coldframes.. so some changes here and there.
the trampoline will likely be gone by the time I get into it, the shrubs are a bit overgrown. and the tree looks huge now.. it'll be lovely with its leaves on.
I have access from the end of March. inside will need carpets cleaned or replaced, the walls a lick of paint... well that's all they'll get.. lol... and outside will be a project for cutting back and reassessing whats there.. stuff might come up.. likely a lot of the smaller plants have gone. there may be surprises !!
its difficult to think of plans as it might get sold quickly.. it might not.. so I'll just do 'what and when' as I have time for it.
there are notifications popping up about changes to blogger.. to do with google... and widgets and platforms and links.. none of which I understand.. so I've no idea what to expect. I hope the whole thing doesn't dissapear into the ether....

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

wow, just wow.

how amazing. so talented