Friday, April 30, 2010

work work work

potatoes in the green house, about to be put outside as I will be needing the room, I like to do this as it provides some early treats for a couple of meals hopefully. the carrotts in pots aren't doing so well.
outside potatoes not doing a thing yet which shows what a difference the shelter of the greenhouse makes.
'something' is chewing on the fritilliarys.....
its been all work and no play here, like the 'running faster to stand still' thing, I am so tired. a couple of days off coming up so a lot of sleeping in to be done I think! I would also like to get started on planting seeds in the garden beds, lots of plans! less running around to do as Abbey is now 'out' 24/7 for the summer, hope its a warm one! its nice to go up and ride and not have to muck out, carry hay and water all the time. she does get worried that this means she won't get a dinner every day......she gets a small token dinner.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Abbey and Buttons

perhaps I ought to change my blog name to clairespony, she takes up more time and money than anything else! love every minute!

Saturday, April 10, 2010


out for a nice ride on Abbey this morning, very brave along the road, over a wooden bridge, she does not like the bit of path where there is stream on one side with traffic on its opposite shore. maybe go down there and hang about one day, to chill....... hope the weather stays warm!
this is us coming in from the field after her roll in the dirt, it's clean dirt....

and I need to borrow a bigger mower to get my lawn started off, this picture taken a few years ago when it was 'new to me'. it won't cope with heavy long grass/moss. I did my ten minutes of weeding today, almost thought about doing more but a coffee was calling my name!!

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

I have started weeding...

I love all the varietys of daffodils and colours and forms, sure they must have names but I am a great loser of labels. there is so much weeding to catch up on in the flower beds, it never got done last year, when I had time the weather was not too great and when it was nice I played with Abbey instead......I have decided to do it in ten minute chunks, then I won't get fed up or too sore and it should all get done eventually. ten minutes done today.
raindrops caught on the leaves of an aquilegia, it was a lovely day, with a couple of short showers
emerging rhubarb, its not very sweet so this may get replaced if I can discover a nicer one.
prime ratter to fat housecat...still in bed!!