Saturday, March 10, 2012

new to me...

my daughter just gave me her old lap-top.... its got a couple of keys missing though it all seems to work ok and is much faster. just need to add my photo program and other things I use.
its got a web-cam and I've no idea how that works.
looking on ebay for a couple of cheap keys so hopefully they'll not be to fiddly to attatch.

Sunday, March 04, 2012

dancing and prancing...

as Abbey gets used to her suroundings she gets a bit excitable at times. today some kind folks allowed us to go out a ride with them. as they walked on nice and calmly we ran circles round them... mane and tail flying.... they kept saying 'oh how pretty she is'.... which is very kind and a polite of them as she was a hooligan. she wasn't exactly running away, er, but not totally in control either, I just kept directing her around and around.... I hope they will allow us to go out with them again as the more we can go out and about the better she will get. then eventually she'll go out by herself.