Friday, September 21, 2012


chilled out ponies... this is a common sight in the field. a nice atmosphere and calm horses living in a herd. this is the girls sleeping. Abbey on the right and Esme on the left. in the middle a group of young 'uns. there are also geldings and horses/ponies of all ages in the 'herd'.
Abbey doesn't like to ride out on her own much, so I lead her round the road and ride back down a lane that runs alongside the field. we've been out riding once or twice a week with other people who go out regularly, and Abbey is fine to do this as she likes the company.... once she was even brave enough to lead the way past a combine but then tucked in behind again as the other horses came past.... she would make a great trekking pony, always at the back.
there is no school to ride in, if its dry enough (and empty) its ok to ride in a paddock but its been too wet mostly and sometimes full of fatties on a diet.
weight is coming off them now its colder, and wet. Abbey has quite a bit of weight to loose so I will not rug her until I can feel ribs.... its not very often you can feel ribs. as we have no stable she will winter out, probably rugged up, and there will be hay out in the field for them all, as long as she doesn't stand and stuff her face constantly that should be ok.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

another Honey

lovely wee shetland pony called Honey, she might be in foal but not confirmed yet.