Sunday, October 30, 2011


the clocks went back last night, so much less light in the winter, sometimes I go from dark to dark without seeing any... this is a lovely bar of soap I was given, love the way the light is shining through it... its aloe-vera soap. kind of like saddle soap with added greeness.

the clouds do this quite often, they seem to roll over the top of the hill. took this earlyish one morning on the way to see Abbey.

Abbey has moved house again, loved the place we were at all summer but the field was so big and we didn't have a stable that it became a real prolem having her overweight, its not good for horses to be fat as it can cause all sorts of prolems with joints and hooves. she looks quite unimpressed with the riding area we now have, its big enough to lots of things in, and there is also a covered area. its a busy place with lots of horses and people about. lots to get used to.

she gets tucked up in a little stable at night, not much space about for storing things... or.... I have too much stuff.....