Saturday, May 28, 2011

look out!!

its the terrifying, horse eating wee away!!!!!

I am inclined to disagree with Abbey, I think he is a wee poppet...very nervous and skeptical of people, he has up to now allowed me to stroke his shoulder but only for a minute, then he gently moves off.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

weather woes

its been so windy and wet all week, I've had to get somebody else to cut the grass as it was getting so long, and overgrown, and wet!! I took pity on this lovely peony and brought it inside where at least I can appreciate it, it seems that every time it flowers its an ivitation for the worst ever weather to come and blow all its petals off. My lovely acacia lost all its flowers in one afternoon. I am seriously considering getting black weed cover for the remaining three veggy beds and leaving them covered till next year.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Abbey meets her new friends...

Abbey was moved to a new yard on Saturday, this is her first meeting up with her new field mates, they are a fairly nice bunch, no nasty kickers or bully's among them. She is being pursued at the end by my friends pony, Roo, she also owns nice old Merlin and he was meant to be coming over to this yard at the same time as Abbey but he has gone down with the dreaded laminitis for the first time in his life aged 24..... bless him, his owner is very upset. I am hoping for a good recovery for him and he can come and join us soon. He is snuggled up safe in Abbey's old stable at least till the end of the month. We don't have a stable here which is a bit of a worry, she will winter out fine I am sure but its more just having somewhere safe to put her if needed.

There is a donkey though.... a terrifying creature!! And we come in through a field with some terrifying highland cows and a terrifying sheep. She'll settle soon hopefully......

Sunday, May 08, 2011

sunshine and showers

the sycamore leaves are bright in the sun and there have been heavy showers of rain today. I wasn't planning much gardening but have been out and planted out most of the onion seedlings from the greenhouse, and sowed Carrot Flakke and Carrot Autumn King 2 straight into the soil. I haven't got any fleece to cover them so must get some as the cats will be in there as soon as they can!

a vision of future salad! onions, tomatoes and lettuce!! the onions and the beetroot need planting out, perhaps I should brave the showers and get this done today. I drew out a rough plan from memory of what was where last year so hopefully this years plan will move things on and not plant in the same place. my garden is actually so small that I wonder if rotation really does any good? sometimes it means things are only three feet away from where they were last year.

I think Daisy is watching a wee bird up in the holly, she sat there for quite a while. Abbey was moved to a new farm yesterday a friend very kindly used her big jeep and horse trailer to move her. All the horses there are nice and there wasn't too much of a to-do when she was introduced. I went over to see her today and she is super-spooky, difficult to get in the gate and not able to stand still to have her feet done. I just put her back out again and hope she will calm down as time goes on.