Monday, June 25, 2018

reposting from 12 years ago.. 12 !! ''Sunday morning''

this little black viola has self seeded. these are meant to be edible but its too pretty to pick.
Cerinthe major purpurescens, grown from seed.. I am sure I planted seeds for a yellow one as well but they have not appeared yet.

sweet pea 'Borderline' , lovely colour and good scent too. there's no point in haveing them unless they're good and smelly!
this is a funny plant, Parahebe perfoliata, common name - diggers speedwell, its kind of spidery and creepy with these lovely little sprays of flowers.
and here's the cold frame still full of stuff which should have been planted out by now? and I do believe there's a fine crop of dandelions growing up the front of it too.....
I am going to an open garden this afternoon so will hopefully have some nice pictures from that to put on through the week.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

fat shiny pony

summers here with dry weather. lots of buttercups in the field. .. looks pretty but not really what you want . still plenty of grass as all ponies putting weight on.
looking forward to a week of warm weather so I might give Quince a bath, not sure what she'll think of that.,,, got some citronella shampoo that helps to keep the flies off.