Saturday, December 28, 2019

Saturday, December 14, 2019

Seeds and thoughts. thoughts that ramble.....

lots of information available about seeds here

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''myself''  is starting to feel some enthusiasm about starting the garden up again next year. Thinking of things like  purple sprouting broccoli and asparagus peas. There are some tomato seeds that I've had for years.... and they can still be viable even after all this time. not 'stored properly', they've been in a squashed bag of saved letters...... PAUSE.... I have been to have a look for the seeds.. to photograph them to accompany this post... however I cannot find them and cannot think where else they would be, I will leave their inclusion in this post and hope to solve the mystery at some point. the photograph posted is from google earth dated 11th may 2005, showing a busy busy garden indeed. maybe it will be so again, maybe not.

''myself''... perhaps an entity in its own right, the who you want to be, who you are, how other people see you, somewhere there's ideas of how you think you should be, but day to day thats not actually what happens. perhaps this ...... ah ....... someone text my phone and I lost this thread of thought. there's a thing too.... forgetfulness.....