Tuesday, May 30, 2006

just been 'tagged'

I have just been 'tagged' by Lowa so here are my answers

five items in my fridge
1/ half used jar of pasta sauce, I just had some on a baked potato for tea, the child is out and probably poisoning herself at MacDonalds or the like
2/ tomatoes, shop bought but I am wishing for homegrown soon
3/ strawberry youghurt, onken bio-yogurt with grains, yummy , I think it must be addictive and I intend to finish it before the child gets home
4/ milk, for the endless cups of tea and coffee, if you would like one? if you would like to be asked twice?
5/ cheese, also on the potato for tea. I have no culinary imagination.

five items in my closet( well my version of that would be wardrobe)
1/ dolls house, awaiting restoration
2/ tent, waiting for camping trip
3/ shoes with heels, waiting for a job interview or a funeral, or to be given away
4/ very nice black suit, slightly too tight now, also awaiting job interview or funeral, probably going to get given away fairly soon
5/ no, you can never have too many fleece jumpers.

five items in my car
1/ luminous pink gardening trug, what, you don't have one?
2/ waterproof trousers, in case I need them
3/ waterproof jacket, in case I need it
4/ fleece jumper, ditto
5/ emergency clean knickers and a toothbrush, ditto but they've been in the car a long time!!

five items in my 'purse', actually I have a small rucksack
1/ digital camera,
2/ batteries for the digital camera
3/ memory for the digital camera
4/ mini tripod, ditto but as yet unused
5/ folded up cloth shopping bag

oh my, well, my unexciting life!! but this may get me onto that wardrobe clear out.
I think I am meant to tag five people too so here's my list
The Ramblin Irishman , we might let you off the purse one Ramblin!

if you are insulted being left off them join in please, if you have been tagged but don't want to play I will not take insult.

some progress

potatoes growing in posts and bags
new bed on the right, still to get wooden edges
nearly everthing still covered in fleece

tomatoes and herbs in the greenhouse

Sunday, May 28, 2006

in the vegetable garden

Well, I think the garden looks a such a mess I can't post a photograph! I hoped the fleece would come off most of the vegetables(beans and peas, I need to get them staked!) by the end of May but is is so windy I am leaving it on. I have run out of space , mostly due to loosing the potato patch, but also from not finishing more beds.
Working mostly with a 'square foot' pattern this is what is growing so far(so 6x means six 1ft squares, not 6 square feet)- 6x beetroot, 8x turnip, 2x chard, 2x dwarf french bean, 7x sugar snap peas, 9x broad bean, 4xgreen manure, 4x spinach, 8x parsnip, 2x shallots, 7x raspberries, 3x red onions, 2x broccolli, 2x cabbage, 2x cauliflower, 2x calabrese, 1x welsh onions, 1x big chives, 1x small chives, 1x white onions, 1x asparagus kale, 8x early peas, 6x carrots, 3x herbs.
I have 6 squares left to plant up, succesional lettuce then winter kale for these hopefully. There are also the potatoes all over in pots and bags, a sink with potaoes, a sink with carrots, climbing beans still to plant out but these will be squeezed into the flower beds. Also courgettes, sweet corn and beans to be planted together into one bed which is half finished; lots of manure and hope for the best! with that I think! And in the green house there are six tomatoe plants and two cucumbers. Some herbs and still three pots of carrots. There is one pumpkin plant which I bought, its still to go somewhere too, at this precise moment I can only think of digging a hole in the grass, filling it with manure and allowing it to sprawl itself where it pleases?

My difficulty in finishing beds is that I want it to be totally perfect. As an indication of the ground state these are the stones that came out of one small hole today, where I planted this squashed looking rhubarb 'cut off'.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Loch Lomond

I had a great paddle today as a guest of the Garnock KC, what a nice group of people. The weather was windy with gusts, rain and glimpses of sunshine. The wind got a bit much for me just at the end and I came of the water a ten minute walk from the launch point. We saw swallows, swifts, canada geese, swans, oyster catchers, seaguls and ducks. You could smell the bluebells from across the water, they were flowering on hillsides and islands, I saw a wild violet at the lunch stop but the rain prevented me from getting the camera out.
bluebells on Inchcailloch Island, there are old oak trees and holly all round the island.
view from the top of the island showing Ben Lomond hiding its head in the clouds. I think you can see the 'texture' on the water and it blew up more than this on the way back, I am a big scardy!!

Thursday, May 25, 2006


Acer platanoides 'Princeton Gold'
Pieris 'Forest Flame'

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Railway line flowers

I have done a quick update of names, will be back later to try to fill a few more in, any names you know?

Ajuga reptans - bugle
Eschscholzia californica, californian poppy(possibly not native!!)

Tulbaghia violacea, edible wild garlic, makes great soup!!

Silene dioica, red campion
Geranium , crane's-bill, I am unable to identify which type from a book.

wild garlic again with a red campion

possibly Vicia cracca, tufted vetch (the lilac coloured middle left)
possibly Geum rivale?
Primula veris, cowslip. I was lucky to see this one in flower as they have mostly gone to seed now.
Hyacinthoides non-scripta - bluebell

Symphytum tuberosum - tuberous comfrey
Cytisus scoparius - broom

Sunday, May 21, 2006

sundays flowers

unable to resist I have cut my neighbors grass with my 'new' lawnmower, these are pictures I took this morning.
geraniums unamed but very healthy. living behind the shed so it can take over there if it keeps growing proper bluebell, non scripta
a pink geranium, which was a cutting, its label blew away so no name and I thought it was geum but have re-identified it as Sigrun said not!!
geranium phaeum
close up of bergenia
primula pulverulenta

Saturday, May 20, 2006


this is my new-to-me lawnmower, recieved from a very kind couple contacted through Free-cycle. (it was through Freecycle I found the people who took the extra seed potatoes I had).
it was slightly damp this morning which is why all the grass has stuck to the mower, quite a lot of it obligingly landed in the little grass-box. I have to say it is much harder work than pushing the petrol one about so I'm not sure if my neighbors are going to find their free grass cutting service suspended? I just don't want to keep buying petrol to cut the grass(although if the grass has been left for a while then I will probably use the petrol one-which I don't own but have been borrowing for five years! and electric mowers scare me silly, I always imagine I am going to run over the cable.

Friday, May 19, 2006

more green

the old railway line is greening up, this photograph was taken in the morning with the sun streaming in.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

the compost pile

I have two of these green bins for compost, this is the pile after lifting it off. sometimes I just use it as is, bits and all, they decompose eventually.
but today it was shoogled through this garden sieve to take out the large bits which were put back in the bin
second barrow full
marvellous stuff. one thing the camera hasn't caught, even in close up, is the movement of all the beasties, ants, beetles, earwigs, centipedes, millipedes, worms, unidentified 'things' and creepy crawlies. it truly was 'alive' and some of those have come back into the house with me and are now running about the bath, having failed to drown!!
underneath the protective fleece, Tansy!
and this is marvellous stuff to find, hedgehog poo!