Monday, October 19, 2015

''gardening expert'' i'm very flattered... lol

link to the article with Millrace Garden Centre

 here is a small excerpt ... my bit... lol

8 Gardening Experts Share Their Top Tips for Healthy Plants

8 Gardening Experts Share Their Top Tips for Healthy Plants

Claire Gillies - Claire's Garden

Claire Gillies had a good garden education, from the edibles from an experienced organic market gardener who she had a Saturday job with, to the flowers from an avid plant collector that she would weed and help with her garden - and who's 'old plants' made the backbone of Claire's garden. Claire was lucky to meet and work with them. She remains forever enthusiastic by having a 'plant it and see what happens' attitude. If it doesn't grow she tries again, or tries something different.
  1. What is the most effective way you've found to deal with garden pests?
I mostly collect by hand when I see them, and use occasional beer traps for slugs. I use a spoon and a jar with a lid I collect everything I don't want, then put the lid on the jar and the jar in the bin...
  1. Do you use fertiliser in your garden and if so, which type?
Home produced compost and lots of horse manure. And every so often, mostly when putting in seeds, I sprinkle rock dust.
  1. Which plant in your garden do you hold the most love for and why?
Daffodils, because they are so cheery at a miserable time of year, but I love everything so it's difficult to choose.
  1. Butterflies: Beautiful garden visitor or troublesome pest?
A very welcome and invited guest! My shed is placed deliberately to leave a space that's out of sight and untended with nettles etc, and many flowers I've planted would attract bees and butterflies.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

bravery, pony style!

today we rode through the section of path through the trees outlined in red... about 50-100 yards long... first time along it... ridden.. without ever having being led by me or another horse... whoohooo!! Abbey is awesome. bless her little scared socks...