Saturday, March 19, 2011

one little daffodill

one little daffodill out today, this is about 6" high. I love daffodills so hopefully all its relatives will be flowering soon.
and in the background a Chinodoxa Forbessi, glory of the snow. very pretty and lots to flower in this clump too.
more seeds into trays the house I've done the following tomatoes..Rutgers, Royal Chico, Yellow Brandywine, Black Brandywine, Oregon Cherry and Gardeners Delight. also in the house are Aubergine Tres Hative de Barbentane and Sweet Nardello Pepper.
into the greenhouse a tray each of Delphinium Galahad and Agastache Blue Spike, I think they might look very nice planted with each other. if they get that far, I often plant seed trays of flowers which get neglected in favour of the veggies needing done.......

Thursday, March 17, 2011

finally got started

Started on the 15th with planting one seed tray each of Onion Red Baron, Onion Dorata di Parma, Shallot Ambition and Spring Onion White Lisbon. Then on the 16th I did a tray each of mix salad leaves, Beetroot Detroit 2 and a bucket for early carrots in the greenhouse. I note from my blog this time last years seeds were started on the 4th of March.

I have not tried starting beetroot in trays before and saw this on Gardeners World with Monty Don.

These are all 'old seeds', some from last year and some older. I am trying to work on the principle spending as little money as possible and of using up all these seed I keep collecting. The germination rates do go down with age but some seeds are viable for many years. I have used up the packets and have planted far too many for my wee garden(who could eat four trays worth of onions?), if they all germinate anyway, hopefuly there will be some to give away and that someone will have good use for them.

I cannot find my gardening notebook or last years plan of what went where. Hopefully they're in a safe place which I will discover sometime soon.