Tuesday, January 29, 2019

*Earth’s Axis Has Shifted!* And The Sky Has Changed.

The Vectra B

three electrical sensors later..... and this 'future classic' is running perfectly again.
its a shame they make things so complicated. it all runs on sensors, rather that cables and leads... not even got a throttle cable !! who knew ? not me.. lol

Sunday, January 20, 2019

5 Tips to Keep Your Garden Pond Clean, guest post by Katie Michaels

5 Tips to Keep Your Garden Pond Clean

Having a garden pond is an exciting new venture for many but when the water starts to turn green and you can’t see a thing, it’s not a good sight for you and it’s definitely not good news for your fish so how exactly do you keep your garden pond clean?
There are several things to consider when it comes to keeping the pond water clean and avoiding it turning into a green and smelly swamp, from the plants you add to the pond, through to how much you are feeding your fish.
With so many elements affecting your pond water it can feel overwhelming but here are five key things you need to think about if you want to maintain a clean garden pond and a pleasant healthy environment for your fish to live in:
1.       Don’t have too many fish
While it might be tempting to fill your pond with beautiful colourful fish you need to make sure you don’t over fill the pond. Fish produce waste products which pollute the water and they also breed, so if you have too many fish your pond will very quickly become an unpleasant environment.
Keep an eye on your fish population and if they do breed you might be able to sell the young to fish stockists to help keep the population under control. Alternatively make sure all your fish are the same sex to avoid any growth in the population.
The other factor when it comes to fish is removing sick or dead fish from the pond as quickly as possible so that you don’t end up with a polluted pond that way either. It’s best to check your fish weekly for signs of any problems.
2.       Don’t feed the fish too much
This is one of the most common problems with new fish owners – the temptation to continuously feed fish when they don’t need it. Fish will only eat what they need so any unwanted food will just fall to the bottom of your pond.
Waste food will then start to rot, polluting the water and causing problems in your pond so don’t over feed, and always remove any leftover food which the fish don’t eat, straight away, otherwise your pond water quality will go downhill rapidly.
3.       Don’t smother your pond with too many plants
Water plants take in oxygen so make sure you don’t allow your pond to become over grown as the plants will end up causing oxygen levels to drop in the water. Too many plants will also result in a lack of light and sun in the pond due to the coverage of the leaves, which again can have a negative impact.
Make sure you regularly trim back plants and clear fallen leaves and dead plants from the water to help keep the quality high. Avoid plants which have a tendency to grow across the water surface and cover it.

4.       Make sure your water pump and filters are working properly
Managing and maintaining your pond equipment is key to keeping it clean. The water pump for your pond is the key to making sure your water is being circulated regularly so you need to make sure it is well maintained and fully functioning at all times. It’s important to have a pump which is big enough for the size of pond you have otherwise it won’t cope.
You should check your pump regularly to make sure it is not clogged with debris and to make sure all the parts are working effectively – if you notice any wear and tear make sure you replace the parts straight away to keep it running well.
You should also make sure your filter system is the right size for your particular pond and make sure it is working effectively. Change and clean your filters regularly to ensure they don’t get clogged with debris and dirt.
5.       Always clear debris from the pond surface
Ponds tend to attract all kinds of debris from dead leaves falling from nearby trees, to rubbish items blown in on the wind or even dropped by birds so always make sure you clear debris daily from your pond surface, before it has a chance to sink to the bottom and start to rot and pollute your water.
If you can, use netting to cover the pond to help catch any falling debris so that it never reaches the water in the first place – this will go a long way to helping to keep your garden pond clean and your water sparkling and healthy for all your fish.
These five tips will go a long way to ensuring that your pond remains a clean environment for all the family to enjoy all year round and by following simple regular maintenance outlined here, you should never be left with any huge pond cleaning issues. 

guest post by Katie Michaels

Thursday, January 17, 2019

interesting post to read


I cleaned. I have to say I never snooped, not interested.
but I'm totally with the 'not bigger than you can clean yourself' . that would be 40 minutes worth. so its small for me.
and as I'm of mostly 'no fixed abode', thats still a dream

Tuesday, January 01, 2019

shadow horse

shadow horse , shadow trees. loving the winter sun.
first ride of this year today.