Thursday, April 30, 2020

Saturday, April 25, 2020

in the greenhouse

 lettuce, just before picking off leaves to have a nice plateful with my pizza and chips. and have started another tray off to keep the 'cut and come again' lettuce going... though thats all those seeds used up, I'll have to try to get some more. the plastic lids on these are years old, they've scrubbed up quite well but they are so brittle they are cracking and breaking bits off as you move them.
 various things, possibly beetroot and broccoli that can be planted out in a week or so, some herbs that will need potting on, the two little white pots are the tomatoes from Wildside, and I think there might be one or two more from the second planting of seeds that are just germinating.
just visible... Casper being Mr Grumpy of the Greenhouse, its warm, its out of the wind.... but not comfortable enough for his liking.

The Monty Perch

Friday, April 24, 2020

in the garden

 solomons seal growing in-amongst some late snowflakes
the tree, almost.. nearly.. bursting into leaf. not be long till its bright with leaves

Clap for NHS Larbert Hospital 16.04.2020
posted this because this is where I work, and I'm visible in the video.

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Sunday, April 19, 2020

making things up

 this is a garden bench.. made it up from bricks and wood. it gives somewhere to sit and have a cup of tea anyway .
I call this 'american garlic cress' . it came originally from a friends garden and I'm sure that's what she called it, or maybe I made it up. it has a faintly garlicky flavour, grows to about three feet high and has a spray of yellow flowers later in the year.. I think. or maybe my memory is making that up too.

Saturday, April 11, 2020

great compost ideas

if you follow the link, its ideas for extending what compost you have... during 'lockdown' , the garden centers are closed and nobody can find any compost. I've got less than a bucket full..... my garden compost is nowhere near ready and my garden soil is very depleted. I do have access to tons of horse poop but transportation is slow.. a couple of bucket-fulls at a time in the car and I've been under the weather and tired out from work to even start....

Wednesday, April 08, 2020

Sunday, April 05, 2020

greenhouse problems

 part of the greenhousem south facing,  has been 'fixed' with some plastic 'wetwall' , possibly left over from the bathroom? or it might be bath siding? so the interior of the greenhouse is half shaded . it seems light enough so I am hoping things will still grow ok.
it looks very messy from this side and I don't like it at all. it will have to do till funds are available for either buying clear plastic that I can cut to size, or finding somewhere that cuts glass to size as both places I used before have closed.

broccoli and  spinach have germinated, the herbs have not yet shown anything. two tomatoes germinated out of the eight seeds planted.. so i've popped them into little baby pots, and have sown the rest of the seeds I have of those - a neighbour said he was unable to buy any tomato seeds and had I any spare..the answer to that is  no as I didnt' buy any, wanting to have these ones if they germinated and if they didn't I thought I could easily buy more. BUT as the nation goes garden crazy , because they've nothing else to do in lockdown while all this SHIT is going on .... toilet paper and veggy seeds.. seems you can't get them. hey ho.
will they continue to garden out of lockdown? who knows. I'm not bored at all, I'm still working at the hospital and its twice as much work for the same money. TIRED.