Sunday, April 19, 2020

making things up

 this is a garden bench.. made it up from bricks and wood. it gives somewhere to sit and have a cup of tea anyway .
I call this 'american garlic cress' . it came originally from a friends garden and I'm sure that's what she called it, or maybe I made it up. it has a faintly garlicky flavour, grows to about three feet high and has a spray of yellow flowers later in the year.. I think. or maybe my memory is making that up too.


WILDSIDE said...

Well, it all looks good to me, Claire, so I say way to go! I don't know about American garlic cress... Are you referring to the purple plant?

clairesgarden said...

yes, the purple one, its been self seeding into the garden for years, having been brought from a friends organic market garden, she was always growing new and wonderful things.

WILDSIDE said...

I need to learn more! Thanks for this.