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Thursday, December 17, 2020

because I always forget the words... lol

 On the twelfth day of Christmas
My true love sent to me
Twelve drummers drummin'
Eleven pipers pipin'
Ten lords a leapin'
Nine ladies dancin'
Eight maids milkin'
Seven swans a swimmin'
Six geese a layin'
Five golden rings!
Four calling birds
Three french hens
Two turtle doves
And a partridge in a pear tree!

editing to add this link from the RSPB with their version of birds from the song. 

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Saturday, November 07, 2020

Saturday, October 24, 2020

Next Steps In Hand... to watch later

online gardening talks

 I've signed up for this ... so have copied and pasted the e-mail asking to share the link to join.

'''Creating healthy food sources no matter where you live!

Can I ask you a quick favor?
I'm on a mission to help people grow better food, more abundant food, in easier ways.
Would you help me spread this event by posting this link?
on Facebook and by email to anyone you know who can benefit from better food and gardens?
Lets make this planet a better place!
Much love, 
Cathy Hague
Gardening Made Easy
A division of The Magical Herb & Vegetable Garden'''

Sunday, October 11, 2020

garden day

thats all the tomatoes removed from the greenhouse and the plants into the compost
love sunflowers
always cheery
still will need to be completely tidied out, but its starting to look a bit empty
in the back of this crack between bricks, on the right hand side, is an out of focus pink bit... that is a leg of frog or toad... as it jumped in there when I moved the crate out of the back corner... eeeek..

Saturday, October 03, 2020

Sunday, September 27, 2020

last Sunday in September

a little late, aubergines just starting to grow now.. its too cold and the green house will be emptied  in a month...
there was a frost this morning, and by the time I was up and out to the car it said 4C. the leaves are turning on the tree and starting to fall.
I halved some apples and put them on the grass.. the birds peck away at them, leaving little empty skins.
in the grass
and colours again. 

I've some nice fat tomatoes to eat, some cherry's too. several fat tomatoes still on the vines in the greenhouse, and a few bunches of cherrys.. still very green. there may be another cucumber by next weekend if it would stay warm enough for them to grow a bit. beans are pulled out, peas might have a bit of life in them, the broccoli is recovering a bit from the caterpiller onslaught now that the cold has taken them away to hibernate. some onions , beetroot and leeks still to pick, but they are fine in the ground for just now. a nice harvest to have re-started with, hopefully get more in next year. some years in the past I did have more than could be used in the moment , so I would freeze some, nice to have something you've grown to eat when all the garden is empty.

the shed got a second coat of protective paint, its about 15 years old I think, so hopefully that'll keep it going for another few years, it needs a couple of patches covered to stop rain getting in when the wind blows. the greenhouse still needs to have something done with it.. but who knows what or when or how, no glaziers to cut glass to the right size, and plastic is expensive. well, maybe next year. I managed with what I had available and that was ok.


Monday, September 21, 2020

lawns to gardens

 link to a wordpress article about front lawn growing in the USA

I always wonder about the ''rules and regulations'' , don't have them here. people do what they like. 

Sunday, September 20, 2020


sedum, rescued from the undergrowth in the long border
just starting to show pink or red flowers, it didn't need to be in the greenhouse but that's where it ended up.... lol
taking photos and I spot and actual cucumber, the first and possibly only this year.
todays salad then, is three ripe cherry tomatoes and a cucumber, the other tomatoes will have to sit on the windowsill to ripen as their plant has given up.
bulbs purchased at the grocery store, should be nice and cheery in the spring, just need to find a couple of pots for them

the sugarsnap pea has thrown out some more flowers so hopefully get a few  more bites to eat  in the next week or so, before the season is over altogether. 

 I didn't plant a big lot out in the garden, theres pickings for a few more meals , some broccoli still to come and still picking a few sugarsnap peas and broad beans. very surprisingly the courgette and pumpkin never did anything, somewhat eaten by things, but they really didn't grow. I have some idea in my head that the tenants may have used weedkiller, though this would be two years ago, maybe its lurking in the soil causing it to not be good for growing... a lot of things did a kind of half dying then recovering, then took ages to put on growth so something is not quite right. The weather has been up and down wildly in temperature too, so that may have set things back and caused uneven growth.
I deliberatley planted a little bit of each thing, not wanting to be overwhelmed and put myself off the responsibility of growing a lot of food. It was nice , early on, to be pottering in the greenhouse even though outside wasn't good weather. I did mean to sow several things sucesionally to keep the eating season going longer,  but whenever I made plans it would be vile weather or I was too tired from work.


Tuesday, September 01, 2020

end of august

 not the clearest photo , but I've eaten it now so can't retake it.... and I've saved some seeds from this one. 
plenty of green ones waiting to ripen in the greenhouse but I think things are being held back by the low temperatures, not enough sun to heat the greeenhouse, and outside is cold and wet. things are still growing, eating sugar snap peas and broad beans.

Sunday, August 23, 2020

from the garden

onion, leek, broad bean, sugar snap pea, chives, spinach, celery leaves, cardoman seeds and yellow beetroot, enough vegetables to cook with rice and have a very tasty meal.
a Wildside tomato. xx

 interesting colours too. 

edited.... new interface causing problems...  probably designed for the all intrusive smart phone and not a laptop.........

Wednesday, July 08, 2020

catching up in the garden

thanks again to Fiona and her Dad, clearing out their garden stuff, and giving me this great little lawnmower and other garden useful tools.
 before...needing cut, been wet and not able to borrow a lawn mower
 and after.....I was trying to beat the rain.. and only just did..
showing how thick the grass is and getting too long, I do like the clover and other flowers that come up, the bees like it. sometimes I leave patches of it for them.
about seven loads of grass.. filled up this compost bin
and a wee folding stool for the greenhouse, just right for a cup of tea.

Sunday, July 05, 2020

Alan Kapuler - His Garden and Thoughts on Life

very interesting man with a passion for growing
lots of videos on you tube if you want to listen to more of his thoughts

Friday, July 03, 2020

Scottish Kayaking.

The Green Kayak Challenge, River Tay, Scotland from Morrocco Media on Vimeo.

I've paddled a lot of this, not all at once though. ''River Padlling'' .... eeeeek, prefer the sea. 

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Open Gardens 2020

a series of open gardens, during lockdown, lovely to see them shared

Thursday, June 25, 2020

tree branches

I was dreading it... but seven large branches have been cut off the tree... and I think it looks great. I know you can see the stumps , but the shape of the tree is still  nice. it was overhanging the path and road, and covering half the garden in shade.
large branches will go to a friend with a fire, smaller branches are cut up for stakes to use in the garden, and all the twigs and leaves will be disposed of or maybe composted.
I'm grateful for friends with a chainsaw and time to help ''process'' the results... at one point nearly the whole garden was covered in branches.

Sunday, June 14, 2020

Canon Camera

My gardening and kayaking friend Fiona has gifted me a second hand camera, its the same as the first good digital that I had, a Canon S2IS, so here we go .... close up Calendula
 and orange too. these have come up from wildflower seeds sown last year.
 this little viola has seeded itself into the edge of the 'lawn', so I have to mow around it, this is one of the reasons I can't pay to have someone cut my grass for me, they would cut it down....
 Mahonia berries. I think these are edible?
 Wildside's tomatoes, this is the first one, about the size of a thumbnail today.
and another bed planted up... the middle one, with broad beans, sugarsnap peas, peas, asparagus peas, and some marigolds and a couple of begonias, also what was left of the lettuce in the greenhouse, past their best but lettuce can have lovely flowers so they've been given the chance to do that in a corner, if they survive the slugs.....
I've used branches cut from the twisted hazel , over the peas, for them to grow through. 
the bed on the left has done well , I think most things that were planted have survived, you can see the brocolli escaping the fleece, its  not good quality and has been shredding in the wind, but its done its job of protecting the new planting and keeping the cats off.. I'll leave it on a bit longer.

How to Train Your Horse at Liberty , Hannah Weston

Monday, June 08, 2020

Monday, June 01, 2020

hot hot hot

the garden on 30th of May 2020, about 8 o'clock in the morning. I've managed to fix the sliding window on the greenhouse door, so it can be opened to stop it getting too hot.. without leaving the door open to let the cats in. I don't mind my cat in but there's a lot of cats round here and they all take a walk through the garden at some point. I also got the hose set up to water when necessary, I had it spray on the vegetables yesterday for about four hours till it was good and wet, its been very dry and forecast to continue. I had to get a jig-saw to cut through the side of the cupboard under the sink so I could get to the tap that turns on the outside tap.... the bloke that put those units in was a fool.

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Glorious, Mamuse

Oh what a day! Glorious!  
Gather ‘round 
 There’s nothing better Than a friend  
Oh what a day! Glorious! 
 The smell of rain Has hitched a ride Upon the wind 
 I’ve got good friends To the left of me And good friends To my right  
Got the open sky above me And the earth beneath my feet  
Got a feeling in my heart That’s singin’ All in life is sweet  
Oh what a day!  
Oh, what a day! Glorious!  
All the clouds Have gathered round The tops of trees  
Oh what a day! Glorious! 
 Pitter patter Fallin’ rain I can’t believe 
 All that’s green Lifts up its leaves Singin’ water come on in  
We’ve been waiting all these days Prayin’ you would come to quench 
 Every yearnin’ in our bones Water, life with you begins 
 Oh what a day  
Home is believing  
Home has wings of faith  
Home is a clear river Of perceiving 
 All is well This is a friendly mystery 
 Oh, what a day! Glorious!  
Baby blue jay Squawkin’ in the cherry tree  
Oh, what a day! Glorious! 
 Deep in the night we had a raccoon robbery  
Pitter patter little paws Have left their footprints all around  
Pitter patter evidence Some fruit has fallen to the ground  
Pitter patter sings my heart At the thought of what’s to come  
Oh, what a day! 
 Home is believing  
Home has wings of faith  
Home is a clear river of perceiving  
All is well This is a friendly mystery  
All is well This is a friendly mystery  
Oh, what a day! Glorious!  
Under the sky we slept last night Just you and me  
Oh, what a day! Glorious!  
The waning moon Our cycle is almost complete  
We’ve got good friends to the left of us And good friends to our right 
 Got the open sky above us And the earth beneath our feet 
 Never fear-the birds are singin’ Even endings can be sweet  
Oh, what a day! 
 Never fear--the birds are singin’ Even endings can be sweet.  
Oh, what a day!

Sunday, May 17, 2020

planting out started

my record keeping has not been good. I have tried keeping records in a word document, but the last notes were from  22nd of march.... so its been updated now.  but without information about what has been sown (or re-sown) in the greenhouse since then. I'm wondering if I should start a dedicated paper diary, or folder? Thinking as  typing - that a folder/ring binder might be a better idea, graph paper for plans could be inserted and poly pockets for 'bits of things' .
and the reason I collect wine bottles and bricks.... the  bottles lift the fleece off the plants, helping to protect them from frost and cats, when they're  bigger it can be adjusted or taken  off.

Sunday, May 10, 2020

the garden on the 8th May 2020

waiting on the rain

 leeks and onions , ready to be planted out, and a covered tray of just sown peas and beans, I feel I'm a bit late getting round to doing things.
 broccoli, chives and spinach, ready to be planted out, they were potted on from seed trays into a poor mixture of tomato grow bag mixed with topsoil. garden centers still closed due to coronavirus
these two beds have been covered with plastic over the winter to stop weeds growing and keep the cats out, I've been dumping bags of horse manure onto them for the last few weekends, so they've now been turned over with it , not deeply - just the one forks depth. as its forecast rain (last night as well) I've left the plastic off and will put it back on later today or tomorrow. Now they're ready for stuff to get planted into them.
will try to upload a video view of the garden too.

From the MetOffice
Strathclyde weather forecast:
Cloudy start across the south with patchy rain, but drier conditions with sunny spells across Argyll soon spreading south. The rest of the day then looks dry and, although much cooler than recently, long spells of sunshine. Northeasterly breeze easing. Maximum temperature 13 °C.
A fine end to the day with some late sunshine then a dry night with long clear spells. With winds continuing to ease a widespread frost is expected. Minimum temperature -3 °C.
A cold start to a sunny and dry morning. A little more in the way of cloud for the afternoon but remaining dry with sunny spells. Mainly light northerly winds. Maximum temperature 14 °C.
Outlook for Tuesday to Thursday: Risk of a few light showers across Argyll, but mainly dry through the coming days with clear or sunny spells. Temperatures rising but still risk of overnight frosts.

Saturday, May 09, 2020

COVID-19 Resilience Care Pack - Our Permaculture Life

COVID-19 Resilience Care Pack - Our Permaculture Life: COVID-19 Resilience Care Pack Ways to build personal and community resilience with permaculture. with love and kindness, Morag Gamble Permaculture Education Institute What’s in this COVID-19 Resilience Care Pack: Inside you will find my latest masterclass about COVID-19 and permaculture, 10 practical how-to films and 12 blogs about no-dig gardening, simple composting, worm towers, quick …

to watch later Manolo Mendez Dressage: First In-Hand Lesson With a Young, Nervous Horse

interesting blog

one for real food growing enthusiasts

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Saturday, April 25, 2020

in the greenhouse

 lettuce, just before picking off leaves to have a nice plateful with my pizza and chips. and have started another tray off to keep the 'cut and come again' lettuce going... though thats all those seeds used up, I'll have to try to get some more. the plastic lids on these are years old, they've scrubbed up quite well but they are so brittle they are cracking and breaking bits off as you move them.
 various things, possibly beetroot and broccoli that can be planted out in a week or so, some herbs that will need potting on, the two little white pots are the tomatoes from Wildside, and I think there might be one or two more from the second planting of seeds that are just germinating.
just visible... Casper being Mr Grumpy of the Greenhouse, its warm, its out of the wind.... but not comfortable enough for his liking.

The Monty Perch

Friday, April 24, 2020

in the garden

 solomons seal growing in-amongst some late snowflakes
the tree, almost.. nearly.. bursting into leaf. not be long till its bright with leaves

Clap for NHS Larbert Hospital 16.04.2020
posted this because this is where I work, and I'm visible in the video.

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Sunday, April 19, 2020

making things up

 this is a garden bench.. made it up from bricks and wood. it gives somewhere to sit and have a cup of tea anyway .
I call this 'american garlic cress' . it came originally from a friends garden and I'm sure that's what she called it, or maybe I made it up. it has a faintly garlicky flavour, grows to about three feet high and has a spray of yellow flowers later in the year.. I think. or maybe my memory is making that up too.

Saturday, April 11, 2020

great compost ideas

if you follow the link, its ideas for extending what compost you have... during 'lockdown' , the garden centers are closed and nobody can find any compost. I've got less than a bucket full..... my garden compost is nowhere near ready and my garden soil is very depleted. I do have access to tons of horse poop but transportation is slow.. a couple of bucket-fulls at a time in the car and I've been under the weather and tired out from work to even start....

Wednesday, April 08, 2020

Sunday, April 05, 2020

greenhouse problems

 part of the greenhousem south facing,  has been 'fixed' with some plastic 'wetwall' , possibly left over from the bathroom? or it might be bath siding? so the interior of the greenhouse is half shaded . it seems light enough so I am hoping things will still grow ok.
it looks very messy from this side and I don't like it at all. it will have to do till funds are available for either buying clear plastic that I can cut to size, or finding somewhere that cuts glass to size as both places I used before have closed.

broccoli and  spinach have germinated, the herbs have not yet shown anything. two tomatoes germinated out of the eight seeds planted.. so i've popped them into little baby pots, and have sown the rest of the seeds I have of those - a neighbour said he was unable to buy any tomato seeds and had I any spare..the answer to that is  no as I didnt' buy any, wanting to have these ones if they germinated and if they didn't I thought I could easily buy more. BUT as the nation goes garden crazy , because they've nothing else to do in lockdown while all this SHIT is going on .... toilet paper and veggy seeds.. seems you can't get them. hey ho.
will they continue to garden out of lockdown? who knows. I'm not bored at all, I'm still working at the hospital and its twice as much work for the same money. TIRED.