Sunday, October 11, 2020

garden day

thats all the tomatoes removed from the greenhouse and the plants into the compost
love sunflowers
always cheery
still will need to be completely tidied out, but its starting to look a bit empty
in the back of this crack between bricks, on the right hand side, is an out of focus pink bit... that is a leg of frog or toad... as it jumped in there when I moved the crate out of the back corner... eeeek..


WILDSIDE said...

Thanks for showing some of the toad!

And for the sunflower cheer.

WILDSIDE said...

Claire, I did get recent email from you again but I'm assuming it is just spam again?

clairesgarden said...

no i've not sent an email recently. how annoying, wish the internet would behave !!!

WILDSIDE said...

Me too! Among other things?

That you for letting me know it wasn't you -- I didn't want to be ignoring you.