Friday, March 27, 2020

recycling and reusing in the greenhouse

reorganised the greenhouse  so its tidy.. ish.. seeds sown last weekend -  Purple Sprouting Broccoli, Chives Middleman and Perpetual Spinach, Wildside Pepper Mix Anaheim/Jalpeno, Pepper Largo de Reus Pairal, Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, Thyme, Mint Pennyroyal, Coriander Green Aroma..   
 Lettuce and baby leaves are showing, leeks and onions are just starting to be seen. Tomatoes in the house are not showing yet.
Casper is not a gardening cat. Lol.I offered a new bed for him, but he didn't seem to be too impressed.
There's a  good mix and match of trays being old( and very brittle !), new ones  and rescued/re-used ones from a friend planting out her shop bought primroses. The primrose trays also had a plastic carry handle which I have cut up and used for some plant lables for today, also using sticks from Ice Creams and consider that a good reason to eat more.
I've had a bit of bother trying to get onto blogger , not sure why. hey ho. 

Saturday, March 21, 2020

new potting bench

💗 new potting/growing bench for the greenhouse 💗
made by my neighbour, James Carr, he made the last one too.. which lasted 15ish years ... so I expect this one to see me out ... lol... and I am paying for it with bags of horse-poo , of which there is an endless supply.
I'll have a move round of things this weekend, maybe start some more seeds too.

Saturday, March 14, 2020

Enjoyment is a Yield

💓 my area for producing Enjoyment, productive all year round 💓

I was very glad to read, in this Permaculture Explained  article, that part of the principle of 'obtaining a yield' is ''enjoyment''... so no matter what it looks like, how well its done, what anyone else thinks.... if you like it, you get enjoyment from doing it or looking at it... you're a success. This does make me happy because part of my garden is flowery, shrubby, pretty, with a path... and I love it, so now I can also explain  it as productive, because it produces Enjoyment. Happy. 😁

Heather Jo Flores, author of Food Not Lawns, runs a free permaculture course(which I am following) and also a paid diploma course, online. Here are a couple of links for examples of that course.

Thursday, March 12, 2020

my seed trays review

 multipack of four each of green base, black compartment and clear lid... £3.99 from Lidl, good value but rather annoyed to find the black seed tray does not have drainage holes so I have had to poke them through with a pair of scissors, I prefer to water into the base and have the seed tray draw it up.
 it all fits together quite nicely. cheapy type flimsy plastic though, it should do a couple of years but not too long lasting I imagine.
 the smaller trays are designed ( I think) to be used on a window sill, there is a long base, three little seed trays each with a lid with opening. It cost £4.99 from Home Bargains.
 good quality sturdy plastic, should have a good few years of use from them.
realised I had no plant labels so I cut up  a plastic container, think it had veg or something in it from the supermarket, is ok to write on with felt tip, not good with pen or pencil.

Sunday, March 08, 2020


 GET SET . . .
 GROW !!
The bigger tray has Onions Walla Walla and Leeks Blue Solaise. Onions have 16 individual sections with two to three seeds each-to be thinned to one , the leeks have 8 individual sections with two seeds each-to be thinned to one, these are both for planting out . The smaller trays have salad mixes, one lettuce leaf mix, one spicy/ beet leaf and also scattered leek seed into a smaller tray to be used as salad, young leek looks like blades of  grass and is very yummy. 
All seeds only used part of the packets, so there can be a second planting later on or seeds saved for next year. 
That's a good start today anyway. There was a ray of sunshine when I started but just about sleet/rain by the time I was done, got a bit cold and wished I had put a jacket on. 

From the MetOffice;; This Evening and Tonight:Clear intervals and further showers this evening. The showers becoming more confined to Kintyre and Ayrshire tonight with many areas becoming dry with clear spells. Minimum temperature 2 °C..Monday:Sunshine and the odd shower in the morning then cloud thickening to bring rain in the afternoon, some becoming heavy later as southerly winds strengthen. Maximum temperature 9 °C.

Saturday, March 07, 2020

little by little

 The twisted hazel is difficult to get under and into. One branch was really getting to the greenhouse so I've reluctantly taken it off... its a crazy thing to prune back so I just went as close to the base as I could, with a saw.
There is another branch reaching the same way, but I'll leave it for now. Also took height off the hedge from behind the greenhouse, little by little , and maybe in a year or so it will believe its a hedge again and not Trees.... eeeeek.

I've had a long weekend off work and intended to start some seed planting. Lost impetus..... mostly due to weather and temperature swings from 9c to -2c with a bitter wind.
here's the list of seeds, note some in here gifted from a friend some time ago. 

 Vegetables . 
·                     Aubergine, De Barbentane, Grow More Veg
·                     Beetroot, F1, Boldor, Suttons
·                     Broad Bean, Express Eleanora, Grow More Veg
·                     Broccoli, joint pack of Red Arrow and Rudolph, Suttons
·                     Cabbage, F1, Wintersweet, Suttons
·                     Carrot, baby type,  Ideal, Suttons
·                     Cauliflower, Romanesco Green and White, Suttons
·                     Celery, Giant Red, Suttons
·                     Chives,  Middleman, Lidl (Gartenland)
·                     Courgette, F1, Golden Griller, Suttons
·                     Cucumber ,Armenian, from Wildside home collected in 2015
·                     Greens, F1, Mustard Spinach,  Suttons
·                     Greens, Bright and Spicy Baby Leaf Mix, Grow More Veg
·                     Greens,  Lettuce Mix red/green salad bowl (looseleaf), Grow More Veg
·                     Greens, Leaf Beet, Perpetual Spinach, Grow More Veg
·                     Greens, Spinach Giant Winter, Grow More Veg
·                     Leek, Blue Solaise,
·                     Pea, Sugar Snap Deliket, Grow More Veg
·                     Pea, Kelvedon Wonder, Grow More Veg
·                     Pea, Aparagus (not actually a pea though, lol), Grow More Veg
·                     Pepper Mix Anaheim and Jalepeno, from Wildside... note these home collected in 2015
·                     Pepper, Chilli Zimbabwe Black, Suttons
·                     Pepper, Largo de Reus Pairal, Grow More Veg
·                     Pumpkin, F1, Hooligan, Grow More Veg
·                     Tomato, Constoluto Genovese, from Wildside home collected in 2015
·                     Turnip, Milan Purple Top, Just Seed
·                     Turnip, F1, Sweetbell, Suttons

Herb Seeds

·                     Coriander, Green Aroma , Grow More Veg
·             Mint, Pennyroyal, Grow More Veg
·                     Parsley, Bravour , Grow More Veg
·                     Rosemary, Grow More Veg
·                     Sage, naturally nurtured seed , Grow More Veg
·                     Thyme, Large, Grow More Veg

Flower Seeds
·                     Cosmos, Bipinnatus, Lidl (Gartenland)
·                     Poppy Seeds, Backrow Farm, collected 2019