Sunday, March 21, 2021

Sundays gardening

greenhouse temperatures. max 23 c   current 18.5   min 2.5c    seeding herbs and wild flower mix into new seed tray/propagator; coriander, sage, rosemary, thyme, parsley and re-sown onion seeds, Cipolla Rossa Di Tropea.

old propagator lids on the left.. look how yellow they are compared to the nice new clear ones. will use the old ones till they fall apart, they've given good years of use.

 bookmark from Wildside, keeping place
favourite gardening book. I reccomended this to a friend who unfortunately bought the 'new edition' which I've looked at and don't like at all.. the author has changed his views and ways of doing things over time.. so I'll only recommend the old edition, not the new one... what suits some people doesn't suit others.
I've been piling horse poop on top of this bed for a couple of weeks, bringing home a couple of bags at a time in the car.
that's it dug in now, weeds removed, stones removed. I know its not been tended well for a number of years but the soil seems such poor quality.. like its never been dug over before... oh well, it can only improve with work and time.
these are snakeshead fritillary which were coming up underneath the twisted hazel... its the right time to move snowdrops.. but not these... but, being on my knees removing the snowdrops from under there, I just thought well move them while I'm there... as not likely to want to crawl under again.... hope they survive. snowdrops and fritts now in a place where they can be better seen when they come up next year.

Thursday, March 18, 2021


hyacinths, smell wonderful.
snow on the hills, weather is changeable with some warm days and some not
a good day, out riding.

in the garden, the first little daffodil to flower, its about six inches high, and the purple sprouting broccoli, making a nice colour and providing some to eat, I eat the leaves too, and the last leek, which is a skinny one, but tasty all the same.