Sunday, May 10, 2020

waiting on the rain

 leeks and onions , ready to be planted out, and a covered tray of just sown peas and beans, I feel I'm a bit late getting round to doing things.
 broccoli, chives and spinach, ready to be planted out, they were potted on from seed trays into a poor mixture of tomato grow bag mixed with topsoil. garden centers still closed due to coronavirus
these two beds have been covered with plastic over the winter to stop weeds growing and keep the cats out, I've been dumping bags of horse manure onto them for the last few weekends, so they've now been turned over with it , not deeply - just the one forks depth. as its forecast rain (last night as well) I've left the plastic off and will put it back on later today or tomorrow. Now they're ready for stuff to get planted into them.
will try to upload a video view of the garden too.

From the MetOffice
Strathclyde weather forecast:
Cloudy start across the south with patchy rain, but drier conditions with sunny spells across Argyll soon spreading south. The rest of the day then looks dry and, although much cooler than recently, long spells of sunshine. Northeasterly breeze easing. Maximum temperature 13 °C.
A fine end to the day with some late sunshine then a dry night with long clear spells. With winds continuing to ease a widespread frost is expected. Minimum temperature -3 °C.
A cold start to a sunny and dry morning. A little more in the way of cloud for the afternoon but remaining dry with sunny spells. Mainly light northerly winds. Maximum temperature 14 °C.
Outlook for Tuesday to Thursday: Risk of a few light showers across Argyll, but mainly dry through the coming days with clear or sunny spells. Temperatures rising but still risk of overnight frosts.


WILDSIDE said...

I feel behind too.

clairesgarden said...

online at the same time, doesnt' happen often.. lol. i'm about ready to go to bed here at 10.30 at night, what time is it with you there?

WILDSIDE said...

we're about to have our early Sunday dinner...