Sunday, April 23, 2017

road trip

myself, my daughter Rosie and her wee dog Luna, road trip today to visit friend Sandra who I've not seen for a few years.
set a goal of visiting two people a month to keep friend connections alive.

Tuesday, March 07, 2017

March..... like time marches on and on.

a warmish day in Januarys where I let Abbey out without her waterproof rug on, she got good and muddy, stayed in overnight to dry off, she was groomed clean and rug back on to go outside again. I think they like to get good and dirty and its because I like her clean and ridable that I keep the rug on.
Abbey is my little Welsh Cob, we're not up to doing much in bad weather.... Endomondo has us at 16 miles for February and that's more than I would have guessed so not too shabby. even at age 17 she needs to be kept in regular work to behave, we rode out with company on Sunday, then by ourselves yesterday, there was a warmth in the air and she was very chilled after some initial ''monsters'' that we have to pass to leave the yard.

I  got a FREE ticket to go to the Parelli Masterclass next weekend to watch!! ticket... my hotel is costing £140 and petrol costs sharing the drive with someone already going will come to about £60....
so that's my excitement. I put a load of stuff up for sale and have raised £35 towards it , anything helps really.

Monday, February 06, 2017

all my angels

 think all my angels were having a meeting?? there were more on the gravel leading up to the car too. I have a lot of angels, miss all of them
 moved some of the snowdrops from my garden to the farm for 'in memory of', this fat leaved snowdrop I think is 'cats whiskers', nice big flower with lots of green inside, they are for Eric, the farm's old dog.
and a wild type snowdrop with narrow silvery leaves, a gift early on in the garden from my friends dad, who has now passed on, so this brings him to  memory too. these are over Daisy and Smokey. I am a bit sad Tansy is not near them... but its only a body.. and she'll be remembered with them always, many blessings xx

Friday, January 06, 2017

wee Daisy

this is Daisy... on top of the shed.... she's 14 here.
sadly she was put to sleep today, just old age , nearly 18 yrs old.
over the rainbow bridge with her sisters now. good girls. xx

Thursday, December 22, 2016

solstice and holidays

I intended to update my christmas greetings... but I couldn't find batteries... eventually found some , then couldn't find lights... then found both , scraped mud off the pony and got camera ready.. then the lights didnt' work... oh well. ... maybe a new picture next year... many blessings xx
and I can't believe I forgot to update on Abbeys picture by Helen Wilson. its been mounted and framed for my birthday gift from my  mother. awesome awesome!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016


 November seems to be passing quickly, this photograph from the beginning of the month, I think most of the leaves are off the trees now. dark nights and cold weather, I go to bed earlier to keep warm, so read a lot more than do anything else.
I like this photograph except for the pylon in the background. not sure  my editing skill are up to removing that, Abbey is keeping well and I ride out when the weather is not too bad. needless to say this waterproof rug is now in the 'to be mended' bag... again... wish for endless money to buy pony rugs...

Monday, October 24, 2016

ellie learning the 'curtain'

Ellie has a few issues with people and confinement, working with her for a while now. starting off with the plain hoop very high and bringing it lower, today I added two ribbons and here she is being so awesome with that. hopefully have her up to full curtain soon. bless her.