Wednesday, June 24, 2015

extraordinary feeling of love

unconnected to the video... this happened today, visiting a house for work
I was standing, quietly waiting, I realised I could feel the house was so full of good atmosphere and love.. it was like being wrapped in a warm blanket of love,  I just rested there for five minutes until I had to go, it really was quite extraordinary, so I stood and accepted the love and felt thankful for it.
how awesome.
I know nothing of the people who live there,  I think that they grew up there then inherited the house so will have spent many years in it.
I imaging a happy, happy, loving family for generations.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

and again.....

Abbey nice and relaxed after her journey, we're back at our favourite yard which is close enough by to pop down twice a day if needed.. conscientious and knowledgeable owners,  a nice big field with lots of horses to chill out with , and some nice riding nearby without too much fuss. We've ridden over 15 miles this week , more than we've managed for a long time what with being busy and moving house three times this year...
Daisy and Smokey Tiptoes are with me in my room , they get out a few times a day for as long as they like. Rain or food brings them back in...
I start a new job tomorrow, nothing rocket science.. going round houses cleaning them, I hope I get on okay with it, its reasonable hours for reasonable money.
Money makes the world go round.. anyone disagreeing with that please contact me for details if you can send me donations towards keeping  my world going.. I need them. cheers.