Wednesday, July 31, 2013

pictures of the day.

a day out to watch some riders do western training, I took a load of photos and these are my two favourites.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

I am the poor relation

Friends.. few and far between and some far away... I just realised I've been 'left behind' by a friend of many years....
My recent years have hit me very hard financially and emotionally. Try holding it all together as much as I can, through having to leave a house behind and live in one temporary room... I've never been financially well off but now there is not a penny to spare, so no I can't join in the plans for travelling, even just visiting is hard because petrol costs too much. I can't go and do the things other people want to do ....
I can see the other side that it must be hard, making the effort to ask me if I want to go to something.. getting the answer time and time again that I can't afford to.. or that I have to work because taking time off work means losing money and I need the money.
I can see it would be easier just to start taking off and doing things with other people and then telling me all about it after you've been.
There is a good possibility that I've done this to people in my life myself in the past, just moved from one day to the next and done different things.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

sunny weather!!

the weather has been hot and dry enough for a good spell now. here's Abbey just had an all over wash.. which hasn't been done before as I never thought it was warm enough!! in four years!!
so she is now very clean and somewhat unimpressed. bless.