Saturday, November 30, 2013

tis the season to be grumpy... tra la la la la

only seen Abbey in the dark all week, she decided now she is frightened of the torch... the same torch we have had for years... bless.

oh how I laugh... start at 8, an hour for lunch and finish at 5....... well three weeks into the new job all I can say is that I definitely start at 8 anyway.

a few friends have mentioned horses having a break and having the winter months off work, I'm  not sure how I feel about that but it currently seems to be happening.

and its cold... how acclimatised you are to central heating and double glazing... now I have neither.

Friday, November 08, 2013

high anxiety

I feel like I am in limbo land.... I am moving to a new job tomorrow, working with horses and staying in the caravan on the yard, cats are coming with me too. Abbey is already there.
I am looking forward to the life and the work there.


my flat remains unsold and I will continue to try to sell it, or perhaps let it out so it can go some way towards paying the bills involved with owning it. I am no longer able to afford it.... my anxiety being that I will go bankrupt and all the nasty nasty invasive stuff that goes along with an investigation into that, the fact that they can force me to sell every single thing I have including the car and Abbey.... and the long term ramifications of that will follow me the rest of  my life, never being able to get another loan or mortgage.

I truly can see myself , in years to come, living on the streets with a trolley containing my wordly goods.