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Saturday, March 15, 2014

flowers to add cheer.....

Cheerful bulbs in a pot, sitting at the caravan doorstep. I though they might all get blown away today but they're fine!
Having 'moved' a lot of my activity on the internet to facebook I find that I can't really be 'me' on facebook, that it becomes a very public thing, people who come to where I work as customers, my boss and her family.
I find facebook a great way to keep in touch with a lot of people, my family included!! Its great for oraganising things and not getting missed out.
However I am returning to  my blog with any of my opinions, not so much that they are out of order but because not everybody needs to know them.
I practice smiling in front of a mirror.
and still today four different people who know me outside of the workplace came up to me and said I looked exhausted and  miserable. I apologised and said that wasn;t what I wanted to convey to people when I was at work.
but that was today, tired out and sad.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

tis the season to be grumpy... tra la la la la

only seen Abbey in the dark all week, she decided now she is frightened of the torch... the same torch we have had for years... bless.

oh how I laugh... start at 8, an hour for lunch and finish at 5....... well three weeks into the new job all I can say is that I definitely start at 8 anyway.

a few friends have mentioned horses having a break and having the winter months off work, I'm  not sure how I feel about that but it currently seems to be happening.

and its cold... how acclimatised you are to central heating and double glazing... now I have neither.

Friday, November 08, 2013

high anxiety

I feel like I am in limbo land.... I am moving to a new job tomorrow, working with horses and staying in the caravan on the yard, cats are coming with me too. Abbey is already there.
I am looking forward to the life and the work there.


my flat remains unsold and I will continue to try to sell it, or perhaps let it out so it can go some way towards paying the bills involved with owning it. I am no longer able to afford it.... my anxiety being that I will go bankrupt and all the nasty nasty invasive stuff that goes along with an investigation into that, the fact that they can force me to sell every single thing I have including the car and Abbey.... and the long term ramifications of that will follow me the rest of  my life, never being able to get another loan or mortgage.

I truly can see myself , in years to come, living on the streets with a trolley containing my wordly goods.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

I am the poor relation

Friends.. few and far between and some far away... I just realised I've been 'left behind' by a friend of many years....
My recent years have hit me very hard financially and emotionally. Try holding it all together as much as I can, through having to leave a house behind and live in one temporary room... I've never been financially well off but now there is not a penny to spare, so no I can't join in the plans for travelling, even just visiting is hard because petrol costs too much. I can't go and do the things other people want to do ....
I can see the other side that it must be hard, making the effort to ask me if I want to go to something.. getting the answer time and time again that I can't afford to.. or that I have to work because taking time off work means losing money and I need the money.
I can see it would be easier just to start taking off and doing things with other people and then telling me all about it after you've been.
There is a good possibility that I've done this to people in my life myself in the past, just moved from one day to the next and done different things.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

social media

I find myself moving away from the 'blog' and towards more popular social media. its and instant access, lots of people on it, people you see in person every day are on it too...
has this blog become the social media of  my past?
theres a lot of happy memories on here.
opinions and photographs, what are they to me now?
I don't know.
the other social media becomes a great waste of time, accessing it several times a day seems to be the normal pattern. unfortunately I have a lot of time to waste at the moment so that's what I do.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

thinking of adding flashing lights....

here we are ariving back from a ride out in the rain. this is most of our 'bright' ... everything on but the leg bandages as her legs are too muddy. I'm also muddy .... never ending rain!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

I am an Urban Homesteader

my little homestead veggy plot
I am an Urban Homesteader. I grow vegetables organically, I have reduced my living style, I recycle all the waste I am able to. Unfortunatly I cannot do without a car so I cannot claim to be saving the planet as much as I would like to.

apparently this phrase 'urban homesteader' has been trademarked by a homegrowing veggy 'business' run by the Dervaes family.

I would have to ask them 'really? why?' and ask why they are having blogs using this term closed down?

the world needs everybody to grow their own food, even a little helps. Even the knowlege of how to grow vegetables is an essential thing to have.

This blogger puts it across very well, so I link to her..

Monday, February 14, 2011

all is well, phew!

I have a very sweet tooth. I have been a vegetarian a long time and I've been increasingly worried about the contents of the average, easily available sweetie.

I had a 'list' of things I thought it was okay to eat, and I read labels. I don't know if the recipies have changed or is there a new 'legal directive' on what they have to declare?

A lot of sweeties now seem to have 'Beef Gelatine' or 'Bovine Gelatine' in them.

I did a bit of label reading today and found these lovely sweeties from Sainsbury's, American Hard Gums.

I can eat them. I am building myself a revised list.....

Friday, January 07, 2011

as my thoughts turn to seeds..

lovely..throught the post comes the Organic Gardening catalogue, prompting dreams of spring and planting seeds. I am positive last year that I took good stock of what I had, what I needed and what I wanted......hmmm....
so there is the catalogue, at the back of a rather overful box, used and unused seeds......
so before any ordening is done this must be sorted!

I am trying to 'de-clutter' the house in general, there is 'too much stuff'. there are several blogs out on ideas for minimising, de-cluttering, donating, giving away, throwing out....such as 365 days and miss minimalist

I have managed to fill three bags to take to the second hand store, but due to my second hand car still being out of action they are still cluttering up my bedroom.....I really find it hard not having a car, can't get to the pony(annoying everybody for lifts), can't get to work(either early or late but never on time---and having several five mile walks due to consitent breakdown of buses), can't get for a big shop(too heavy to carry home).

Thursday, December 16, 2010


photo taken last Monday, Scotland ground to a halt and I had to walk five miles home. the weather report for today has not been good, cold and wet rain this morning and snow is meant to come in after it and then freeze......just for the moment the sun is out and its very pretty.
I am very fed up with it now, and continue to have no car as it now needs fixing as the power steering has failed.
many blessings to everybody who keep giving me lifts up to the stables and back.
the greenhouse was frozen shut for over a week, I opened it this morning and the minimum shows -12C and the maximum 11c. brrrrr fed up!!!!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

update on moan

Saturday morning after a good nights sleep, I am going out to be positive. planning a good play with Abbey(horses have the an ability to cheer you up under any circumstances), some gardening and some sitting with cats.
'sitting with cats' is a lovely pastime, I often try to combine it with reading but the cats have developed 'story sitting', which means of course they sit on top of the book so they can have all your attention......

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Another day goes by I still haven't won the lottery.
I sometimes wish I could take myself, my cats, my pony and my garden away from the small minded opinionated crap that keeps walking over the top of me.
Sometimes I really should know better and not even start off with a hello....its usually bound to degenerate into what happened today. It'll happen again too.

Friday, April 30, 2010

work work work

potatoes in the green house, about to be put outside as I will be needing the room, I like to do this as it provides some early treats for a couple of meals hopefully. the carrotts in pots aren't doing so well.
outside potatoes not doing a thing yet which shows what a difference the shelter of the greenhouse makes.
'something' is chewing on the fritilliarys.....
its been all work and no play here, like the 'running faster to stand still' thing, I am so tired. a couple of days off coming up so a lot of sleeping in to be done I think! I would also like to get started on planting seeds in the garden beds, lots of plans! less running around to do as Abbey is now 'out' 24/7 for the summer, hope its a warm one! its nice to go up and ride and not have to muck out, carry hay and water all the time. she does get worried that this means she won't get a dinner every day......she gets a small token dinner.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

winter time

Katie in her new winter coat.
"winter time" seems to have arrived promptly on top of the swift autumn wet, following the summer wet. we have had some stunning weather this week, freezing cold and bright sunshine. wrap up warm and be glad of the blue skys!!
I realise I don't update the blog as often as I used to, and while it started off mainly as a gardening diary it seems to have become more of a log for my journey with horses. mostly the weather is to blame as it really has been too wet this year to garden much, and half the time I will not even take my camera out with me so it does not get ruined in the bad weather. horses do not care what the weather is like and demand to be fed every day so you cannot put it off!
the lack of posts is also due to a lack of time, since last winter I have been working at two jobs, the receptionist post and the horses at weekends. so life is a bit full and not always nice. difficultys with office hours and office people are never ending, also there seems to be some 'subterfuge' happening, where there are factions and side and secrets? there is a very strange atmosphere. I can only long for financial security and the opportunity to have dirty fingernails all the time, and its really difficult to find a nail brush that will get that weekend dirt out!!
today I have a rare day to myself and its a beautiful day, so the I'm off into the frosty garden to see what jobs can be done today, the camera can come out too so hopefully a post soon with some plants in it.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


these little daffodils are always first out,
and these are my new boots, Salomon Adventure Trekkers. I've had them on several times, mud water, washed off with the hose, been riding in them and dug the garden.

they haven't leaked and were purchased from the internet. I have been refunded for the ones I bought from a well known outdoor retailer, and thanks to Trevor at their head office for sorting this out.

Monday, February 11, 2008

destroyed in the name of Progress??

Lismullin site handed over- to road contractors;;By - Unknown.

The Lismullin archaeological site in Co. Meath has been handed over to the contractor building the M3 motorway, the National Roads Authority (NRA) has confirmed. The move means the controversial roadworks may begin on site immediately.NRA archaeologists have already studied the site, which includes a number of stake holes forming an enclosure. Carbon dating suggested they were likely to be at least 2,000 years old.A souterrain from about the 10th. century was also discovered on the site. Archaeologists said it was possibly used for defence during the Viking invasion.The archaeology had also been the subject of a study by an expert group set up by Minister for the Environment John Gormley to determine how best to proceed, once the prehistoric nature of the site had been determined.The expert group which included Conor Newman, the State's foremost archaeological expert on Tara, and Dr. Pat Wallace, director of the National Museum, advised that the archaeological remains were in a "very vulnerable condition". This meant they could not withstand preservation in situ and, therefore, "excavation is desirable and in the best interests of the archaeological remains".Efforts to contact Mr. Newman and Dr. Wallace were not successful yesterday, but the department's website noted the 2,000- year-old remains were "too fragile to remain in situ and must be recorded and removed".It added that "preservation in situ of Lismullin is not an option".

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Tiso Glasgow, good customer relations? I think not.

You know I just thought I would suport a local store rather than shop online for the best deal. So on Monday I went to this Tiso store, where I have shopped in the past. I purchased a pair of gore-tex lined boots. I wore them for an hour on Wendesday and they leaked. I went straight to the store, they refused to touch the boots because they were muddy and I was told to wash them and come back. I returned today with the cleaned boots only to be told they could not replace them until they have 'ascertained' that they actually leak, and they would not issue me with a replacement or a credit or a refund. Apparently this has to be decided by somebody else and shouldn't take much longer than 'two weeks'.
According to Trading Standards they have the right to do this.
But it would have been better customer relations to have refunded or replaced, I now have no money and no boots. I have now lost total faith in a brand and in a store I have used for years.
Surely if they sell you waterproof boots they should be waterproof or you should get your money back?

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


self sown borage attracting the bees
self sown verbascum olypicum

I wonder how the plants cope with the lack of sunlight, it feels as if it has been so dull for so long I wonder how they keep doing it. there has been no recovery this year from the winter blues. photosynthesis an amazing process, and I quote them saying "if plants could not turn the sun's energy into food, we would all die"

Sunday, May 06, 2007


I have been planning a trip to Canada for some time. I rarely holiday anywhere but my own house(I do 'weekends' away frequently, but only really in Scotland) and I do not travell(I went to Rome for a week twenty years ago) so for me this a big thing.
Now all is going on an 'unplanned' status, my friends daughter has gone into labour six weeks early and my holiday may be slightly different. We had a total panic when this happened but nobody wants me to cancel and I am still heading over.
Just at the moment the baby seems to be staying put and things may be okay. But there is the possibility that I will arrive in Calgary with nobody to pick me up. . . we have looked into hostels and there are plenty of places to stay, then get the 'Greyhound' or look into internal flights. This thought filled me with horror till I thought about it and then decided this will be an ADVENTURE. So I am packing a rucksack instead of a suitcase for easier carrying.

But I think in future, the bottom of the garden may be as far I plan to go. . . .

Saturday, March 17, 2007

I long for summer

I long for sunshine and growing things
even weeding!!