Wednesday, June 24, 2015

extraordinary feeling of love

unconnected to the video... this happened today, visiting a house for work
I was standing, quietly waiting, I realised I could feel the house was so full of good atmosphere and love.. it was like being wrapped in a warm blanket of love,  I just rested there for five minutes until I had to go, it really was quite extraordinary, so I stood and accepted the love and felt thankful for it.
how awesome.
I know nothing of the people who live there,  I think that they grew up there then inherited the house so will have spent many years in it.
I imaging a happy, happy, loving family for generations.


WILDSIDE said...

That is just beautiful, Claire. we have to hang onto those type of moments whenever they occur, I think. And hopefully remember back to them.

Good on you for stopping to appreciate! (And for sharing that feeling here.)

Smiles to you!

susan said...

It sounds like a joyful house has welcomed you. No wonder there for you are a warm and deeply intuitive woman.

Much love

WILDSIDE said...

P.S. Magical video too!

WILDSIDE said...

And back again.

Hope it is going well for you, Claire.