Saturday, May 30, 2015

lazing in the sun

Abbeys summer coat gradually coming in, the weather keeps going warm then cold again so don't think the horses know what to do..
not been doing a lot of riding, just 20 mins a day up and down the drive bareback,  as I've been saving up to get my saddle adjusted to fit better.. she has widened (got fatter.. lol) so I won't use it till its been sorted.


WILDSIDE said...

Lovely photo, Claire and thanks. Abbey does look like she is eating well!

The html tags didn't seem to work last time -- no worries tho'.

Hope you are finally enjoying a good dose of sunshine there.

susan said...

A bit wider is something that seems to happen to us all as time goes by. Abbey is simply showing some signs of contentment.

WILDSIDE said...

LOL, and ditto what Susan said too!

bonnie said...

Shiny happy pony. :)

Gary said...

So nice to drop by and see the consistent, appreciative and close to life and nature existence you demonstrate! Best to you.