Monday, May 11, 2015

winter to spring to summer

I always like this 'look' , as Abbey loses her winter coat and her summer coat comes in , her face always ends up with a half and half , the beard will lessen but never entirely goes away.
hopefully the weather will continue to warm up and her complete summer look isn't to far away.
Scotland is doing its usual.. warm days, cold days, wet days, windy days.. all mixed up with no way of telling whats to come. 


WILDSIDE said...

Seems Abby and I both have a case of the chinny, chin, chins!

Rain here today. But it is welcome.

susan said...

Another wonderful sign of spring.

clairesgarden said...

i'v got hair on my chin too.. lol

WILDSIDE said...

LOL, thank you, Claire!

bonnie said...

She looks Amish! :D