Tuesday, February 13, 2007

whats cooking?

I found a lovely green potting tray that fits over the cooker perfectly. I am starting sweet-peas and will keep them on the house windowsills until its a bit warmer. I might start the tomatoes too before all the window space is used up.
One packet done! Several hundred more to go! yipee!


Anonymous said...

Seed envy is setting in claire! That's a great idea for keeping the seeds warm. Have you ever 'over-cooked' them?

Alice (in BC Canada) said...

I bought a couple packages of seeds last week. 2 kinds of squash. Every year about this time I want to plant seeds, and when seedling some out for sale I buy a bunch. Unfortunately they all seem to die on me. Gardening does not seem to be one of my strong points, though I guess there is some kind of desire inside.

It's feeling like spring here lately. The snow is melting and the weather is warming up. I love this time of year! The draw back, though, is the mud I will be in soon, but that won't last too long.

Enjoy your seeds.

clairesgarden said...

Stuart, well not all my seeds are succesful, better than my cooking though!!
Alice, its the spring itch, wanting to grow things!!
I'm sure Shadow survived his outside ordeal, I did the same to mine the other day!

Unknown said...

Hi, Claire.

I knew you didn't love cooking but this is a bit extreme!

Bid seed sowing planned for this weekend - hoping to get some peas and beans started in guttering a la Carol Klein! I think she's brilliant.


clairesgarden said...

Rosemary, you have no idea how much i hate cooking!!

Bob said...

It looks like someone is going to be busy! I hope the greenhouse is still intact after the wind and stone throwing kids as I think you will soon be needing it.

clairesgarden said...

Bob, I am stopping a t sweet peas and tomatoes until its warmer , so then everything can go in the unheated greenhouse, including the potting tray!! I just needed to do some seed plnating, seed-holic suffering here!!