Thursday, February 22, 2007

in the garden

ususally I just kill off crocus so I am surprised to see this
and another one, brave things!!
the pink hellebore showing its glory, so pretty
lungwort, pink a blue
the tiny, but heavenly sented, christmas box, sarcoccus. this is a six inch high 'rescued' branch from a plant I was given that was somewhat bashed as it got reppotted.
Hebe Pink Elephant, reliably providing some welcome colour.


Unknown said...

Love the spring flowers...I trawl your Blog to get the names of plants that will do well here and you have such good pics too. And that plate of green veg looked so appetising! :)

peppylady (Dora) said...

Old Man Winter is making it's round today here in North Idaho.

All your spring blooms are so pretty.
I only a few things poking though the dirt below our front windows.

Your Hebe Pink Elephant is it some type of sedum? I have a sedum that looks like your Hebe Pink Elephant.

clairesgarden said...

CJ, I can start saving cutting s for you if you'd like?
Peppylady, winters being long this year!! the hebe is a type of shrub, think its from new-zealand and grows very well in scotand, theres a site

bonnie said...

ah, ready for Spring, I am.

the squashlets remain, for the nonce, contained on the windowsill, but they are thriving. Just a few more weeks and then maybe I can get them out to their intended home - Adele's shown me where I can make a bed for them, this will be fun!

clairesgarden said...

Bonnie, glad your have growing sucess! it'll be nice to see them planted outside, hopefully you''ll get a good crop too!

Kerri said...

I'm really enjoying your hellebores. That mottled dark red against the pink is lovely.
I'm glad you have crocus that survived :) I'd like to smell the sarcoccus. Color is so welcome in the spring. I can't wait! We still have plenty of snow.