Thursday, February 15, 2007

spring flowers!

snowdrops are flowering in the garden, I do like them! a little primula, I think its Gold Lace. in the greenhouse the onion seeks are starting to produce little grass-like stalks
and on the doorstep the unnamed plant in the 'stones dont throw me away' pot has turned into a lovley little Iris reticulata danfordii.


Unknown said...

With all the wind and rain, your photo's are a comforting reminder that spring will come. Love the Primula...I've never seen one of that colour before :)

Salt Water said...

Nice blog. Can you grow onions there. I see the seeds sprout, but will they fill out? We grow leeks because onoins do not form a bulb here in northern coastal California. I'm okay with leeks, but would rather get both. I found your site as a comment on Bonnie's Frogma. Thanks

Frankie said...

It looks very sunny in Scotland!

Alice (in BC Canada) said...

Claire, I wish I could come live with you for a year or so... maybe your gardening skills would rub off on me. :o)

Imma CrappyGardener

peppylady (Dora) said...

No color around here.
My daffodils below my front window is breaking though.

dragonfly183 said...

I guess I need to get started don't I.

clairesgarden said...

CJ, I think theres some cold to come yet! some days have been just gorgeous though, and some total yuck!
Salt Water, the onions do grow, mine never get very big because I keep eating them!! leeks are good too. do you have a long hot summer there?
Frankie, I see we have sent you all our snow. perhaps we could be as gererous with the rain in summer?
Alice, I'm glad you think I have skills, I more think of it as 'chuck it in and see what happens' the skill must in waiting to see what happens?
Peppylady, slowly things are starting to appear, hopefully your daffodils will be out soon?
Dragonfly, well I think I am starting things a bit early, hopefully the stuff wont be knocked out by late deep frosts. I'll just start again if it does.

Kerri said...

I'm feeling a little plant envy here. I think it's too early to start seeds, but I'm getting the urge! Love that yellow iris. The primula are snowdrops are gorgeous too.