Saturday, February 17, 2007

Dunblane Bulb Show

I am a member of the Scottish Rock Garden Club who run a number of shows and events throughout the year. today was the first with the early bulb display and two talks on collecting 'new' plants by an expert Janis Rucksans from Latvia.
Just bliss , lots and lots of snowdrops!!
unusual ones, this is Galanthus Wendy's Gold
this one is Galanthus Nivalis Sandersii
lots and lots of nice crocus too
I particularly liked this Crocus Tricolour
and Crocus Versicolour
it was another gorgeous day here, chilly out though. I managed to come home from the show with a couple of nice plants and still have money left, ususally its all spent in one go!
more photographs from the show tomorrow.


Garden Cats + Crafts said...

Oh! What a lot of wonderful and beautiful flower-photos. I like the little "snowbells?". In Germany they called "Schneeglöckchen".

clairesgarden said...

Birgit, here they are called 'snowdrops', I love them, they are on of the first things to come out and brighten the garden.

Kerri said...

what fun to see all that lovely color! We need a flower fix really badly over here so I very much appreciate all your lovely flower photos!
The snowdrops and crocus are just beautiful, as are all the other flowers in the above post.
Those dionysia are so sweet :)