Sunday, February 18, 2007

more from the show

a funny looking thing, Asarum Splendens
another funny wee thing, Corybas Diemanicus
this is quite lovely, Pleione Formosana Clare (I must get one!!)
these dionysia would be perfect in a doll house garden, I think they are quite difficult to grow
a perfect wee cushion of flowers
and some beautiful hellebore flowers floating on water, a nice way to see them.


Alice (in BC Canada) said...

Hi Claire. I always so much enjoy looking at the beautiful flower pictures you post for us.

clairesgarden said...

Alice, i am sure you will be doing the same this summer when you sow all your seeds!!

rfvgardens said...

Thank You, Thank you, Thank You.
The second best thing to looking
at beautiful flowers is looking at beautiful pictures of beautiful
Flowers. Your pictures are eye candy.

clairesgarden said...

RFV, thankyou!! it was an enthsiastic day, lovely flowers on diplay for us to ooh and ahhh over.