Monday, February 12, 2007

Daisy's shadow

I was quite enhanted with Daisy's shadow on this cardboad box, its not quite in focus but it shadowed her whiskers too.


Dan said...

Great pic.

Granny said...

You must keep your camera around your neck. Usually by the time I see the cats doing something wonderful and I get the camera, they're off doing something else.

Kerri said...

Oh this is a perfect picture of Daisy! What a beautiful cat she is.
We're supposed to have frigid temperatures today and there's more snow in the forecast for the next several days. None at the moment though. It's a crisp, clear morning.
Your spring is coming much earlier than ours by the looks of things.

dragonfly183 said...

She is so pretty. i love the picture below too.

clairesgarden said...

Dan, thankyou deary
Granny, Daisy is quite happy to pose for the camera, if you're taking a picture of something else she will get in the way till you take hers too.
Kerri, thankyou for all your kind comments, I am not sure spring is here at all, just cold changable weather!
Dragonfly, Daisy thinks she is pretty too. my friend Maggie took the picture of the loch below.

Alice (in BC Canada) said...

Hi Claire. Great picture. Not only is Daisy beautiful, but so is her shadow.

Speaking of Shadow, I guess I should go let the poor old cat in. He's been out all day and that's the first time in months that he has. He used to be out all day every day, but this winter he's pretty much stayed in except for the very odd time he's gone out for a couple hours. Today he went out just before noon, and I must admit I kind of forgot he was out... yikes. LOL.

Unknown said...

I'm with granny on this - by the time I've found the camera, the moments gone. Usually, the camera's not charged up anyway.