Monday, June 02, 2008

todays flowers

almost every photograph I took tonight when I got home
I can't choose, so have uploaded all, mostly unedited.
some very similar

ah, in this one you can see the new scratches now across the lens of my camera, oops. they're only showing up when the light is at a certain angle but they are deep and right across the lens.

at last, self seeded love-in-a-mist

and I have a blue poppy!
one of my few purchased plants, this came from the Scottish Explorers Garden
can't wait for it to come out fully!! I visited there last year with the SRGC.


gfid said...

note to self: must put irises on list for next spring planting. i should have some beds built by then. these are stunning, claire. very sad about the scratch on your fabulous lens.

lightening said...

Absolutely stunning Claire!!! :)

tlchang said...

Blue poppy! How fabulous. Hopefully *that* one will self seed happily (I pull out love-in-the-mist by the fist fulls... A little *too* happy with the self seeding...)

Your iris look wonderful, and loved the blue columbine as well.. *sigh* lovely stuff.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! As is always, Claire. I do see you are ahead of us -- love in the mist only promising blooms right now... I really ought to pull more of it out -- but can't bring myself to do it as yet, so looking ahead to bloom time!

VĂ©rone said...

S U P E R B E !!!

clairesgarden said...

GF, these iris were 'spares' from the lady across the road, they have multiplied from the three she gave me into a fine clump. beautiful!
Lightening, mother nature gives us beauty.
Tara, I'm hoping the blue poppy seeds itself too! and this is the first year I've not thrown love-in-a mist seed about!
Wildside, I have a problem pulling anything out, hence the overgrown and weedy beds!!
Verone, thankyou!

Katarina said...

Lovely shots, especialy the ones of the blue poppy! - How I envy you!

Kerri said...

Ooh, ahhh! All very beautiful Claire! Sometimes choosing takes so long, and editing....I know the feeling well :) I'd comment on each and every one, but it would make this comment too long :) The blue poppy is such a fabulous colour! Lucky you!!
I don't have Love-in-a-mist. Love the lacey foliage and pretty colour and shape of the flower.
Good for the Verbascum!I have trouble pulling things out too. How did you scratch your lens? What a bummer!
I'm picturing you enjoying your lovely blooms :)

Dirty Fingernails said...

I can not get love in a mist to grow for me at all! I think it might like the cooler climate.. Any tips? So beautiful. The foliage is stunning.

clairesgarden said...

Katarina, I'm really pleased the poppy came out, I bought it last year just as a few leaves in a pot!
Kerri, the camera suffered 'assult by horse', just one of those things unfortunately.
DF, I have grown love-in-a-mist every year from seed for about 5 years. this year I decided not to try and there it is! it must have some sort of self preservation growth spurt!

Jean said...

Just love your irises Claire, have planted a lot of new ones, but will have to wait until spring to see them, another 4 months.

clairesgarden said...

Jean, mine were spares gifted from a neighbor, its taken a few years for them to spread and flower but this year is the best they have been.