Tuesday, June 19, 2007

photo day

I attended a really good digital camera workshop on sunday, run by the SRGC in conjuction with the Scottish Explorers Garden. BIG THANKYOU TO ALL ORGANISERS AND SPEAKERS!!! I had a great time.
the Scottish Explorers Garden is ful of fabulous planting, beautifully laid out
lots of information available from willing volunteer staff
and plants for sale, very dangerous!!

how gorgeous is this! a natural stream runing past mature trees and planted with primula and iris, looking likke they've always been there.
This is the George Forrest Anex, where our course was held. the only problem is that it did not have a loo, I suggest perhaps a compost toilet? maybe I should write to them, and in the spirit of Permaculture, offer to build it?
in various places around the garden there are fabulous garden art benches, all very comfy

I have to admit I did not sit on this one as the surface has gathered a fair amount of water


Alice (in BC Canada) said...

Oh, a Scottish bee. Does he/she buzz with an accent too? Haha.

These are really beautiful photos, Claire. It must be such a wonderful place to visit. I'm happy for you having had the opportunity to go there for this class you took. And what a great class to be able to take. I'd love to take one on digital photography too.

Have a great day.

grannyfiddler said...

i have a garden just as lovely... (in my dreams!)

actually, the place i've moved to has little more than a few lilac and honeysuckle bushes. the lilacs are, however, mature and really gorgeous, filling the house with their scent, right now. the rest is ill kept grass. indoor renovations will take up this summer; outdoor things begin next summer. so i'm enjoying visiting your 'place' ever so much. :o)

Anonymous said...

It looks wonderful. Great photos of the flowers and the benches are just amazing. Thanks for taking me along on your trip to the Scottish Explorers Garden.

clairesgarden said...

Alice, I never get close enough to the bee to listen. . .
the class was a good one to take, its good when people with skills will share them.
Grannyfiddler, the best parts of my garden are in my minds eye too, there's a wildlife pond and everything in there!
Annulla, thankyou and you are very welcome!

peppylady (Dora) said...

What beautiful picture. I took photography my junior (grade 11) and at that time computer age was still science fiction.
In all honest I need a refresher class on what all the term and numbers mean such as f30.

I thought of picking up a book on digital picture taking.

Kerri said...

How nice for you to take that course. I'd love to do that. What a great place that is. The benches are neat. I'm so pleased to see the blue poppies! They're gorgeous.
I followed a bee today too. They're such busy things :) Love your top photo.
Ross and I found a similar stream at the Cornell Plantations when we were in Ithaca for the wedding party. It was glorious, planted with primroses, brunnela, heucheras (among other things), and one late, huge, gorgeous azalea at the edge of the woods in a peachy colour. Pure paradise!
I'd love to be able to chat and find out what you learned :)
Did you have a lot of catching up to do in the gardens when you got back from Canada?

Madcap said...

I love those benches!

clairesgarden said...

Madcap, they were comfy too,the garden is on a steep hill so think they are needed!

HORIZON said...

l love these designer benches. Sounds like you had a good time there.

Kati said...

I'm casting my vote for the benches too! I love things that show the imprint of someone's handiwork like that. Reminds me of a pretty bridge that I saw this weekend -- should have taken a photo! Well, that's easily remidied thank goodness as it's on my way to and from my paying job.

clairesgarden said...

Horizon, its a good place for a visit.
Kati, there were other sculptures to, and excuse for a return visit?