Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Robbie likes Wednesdays

oh I might just chew this rope here
give it a swift tug and see if I can escape
ah, the polo-mint lady's here, I'll pretend I'm an angel. . . . .
...and I whispered to the horse; "Trust no man in whose eye you do not see yourself reflected as an equal"
Don Vincenzo Giobbe circa 1700


tlchang said...

Those horses - sometimes too clever for their own good! :-)

(I'm going to have to look into that garlic cress!)

Anonymous said...

Claire, I love these photos of Robbie. He is such a nice looking horse, and the photos show that as well as the fact that he is a typical, happy horse... up to typical horse tricks.

I'd say the rope could be better quality, and the halter needs to be adjusted up his nose a bit... just to be sure he's comfortable and that he doesn't succeed in his attempts to untie himself.

Haha. Thanks for sharing these.

clairesgarden said...

Tlc, he is a clever beastie, and manages to combine being cheeky with being nice.
Alice, he's in a gated yard and cant get out so if they're not fussed about about the tying ropes then neither am I, the white one over his head is mine and I use a rope headcollar on him, the one he wears is never on right.

Kerri said...

He's such a handsome fella! And clever too :)