Saturday, June 23, 2007

flowers need rain. . .

St Johns Wort, astrantia, monarda
diggers speedwell
field poppy

also in flower today, philadelphus, primula, rose, sweet pea, persicaria, brunera, foxglove, lupins, campanula, ladys mantle, geranium, monarda, california poppy, lily, borage, geum, carnation, lavender, hemerocalis, hosta, thyme


HORIZON said...

And we've had plenty of rain lately! :)
Fantastic close ups on this post and below- l have most of these plants flowering just now too- a pure delight for us and the bumble bees!
hope you've been keeping well

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos - I particularly like the field poppy.
Sara from farmingfriends

Granny said...

I like the poppy too. I didn't know you raised California goldens though.

Frankie said...

Can we stop the rain for a while now??

clairesgarden said...

Horizon, love when the summer flowers start. the rain? well. . . .
Sara, these little red poppys come up in the strangest places, self seeding here and there, origionally they were deliberatley seeded into one place with a 'poppy day' packet.
Granny, the claifornia poppy comes up itself now, I think they started off in a seed mixture.
Frankie, I'd agree with that one but am unsure of how and who to coantact!!

Kerri said...

Funny how you're having too much rain, like we were this time last year. while this year we desperately need some good rain! Wish I knew who to contact. Well, I do, but He does His own thing...and we have no choice but to go along with it :)
That's an unusual monarda. Very pretty. My self-sown poppies are not very prolific this year with the dry weather. Yours are beautiful, as are all your flowers.
I love the color of that clematis!