Thursday, June 07, 2007

Robbie goes driving

this is Robbie's competition four wheeler Bennington, he has been at a driving centre to be brought back into training. Barbara-Ann and Dave used to do a lot of driving and competitions with him but he's quite a large beastie so they feel its better if somebody very experienced gets him over his initial 'whats this?'
Barbara-Ann gets a good smart trot from him along the road. I was standing on the back with the instructor, it was very comfortable as the cart is fully sprung and has a wide backstep, there was also a wee side bit you could sit on. And it was a lovely sunny day in the Scottish countryside, near Biggar, fab!


Peggy said...

Looks like fun! And what a perfect way to see the countryside. I'm jealous! Glad you got a photo while you were riding.

Alice (in BC Canada) said...

What a great little wagon/cart. I want one, haha. I love the photo you took while driving down the road. Gives one the feeling of being there. If I had a drivable horse again and a cart of some kind I'd leave my truck at home and drive this to town whenever I wanted to go... no gasoline required.

clairesgarden said...

Peggy, it is good fun, and the sunshine was a good benefit too.
Alice, I did that years ago and tied the horse up, outside the shop, while I did my shopping.