Wednesday, June 18, 2008

mystery solved

Francesa has sent me this photograph, of what my mystery plant may turn into, the spotted leaves are typical for this wild orchid.


gfid said...

i've heard that it's often confused with the varegated watzit in its youth. it takes a trained horticulturalist to tell them apart ;0)

Anonymous said...

Oh, I was thinking orchid as a guess yesterday -- but for me that was only a guess so didn't bother posting.

That will one day be very pretty for you, Claire!

I like gfid's varegated watzit try!

Anonymous said...

hi claire, you choose the pink or purple but it could be white and with purple or rose points. there is a beautiful english book "orchids of britain and ireland written by anne and simon harrap A&CB about wild orchids
ciao Francesca

clairesgarden said...

GF, I make the same mistake.....
Wildside, me too!
Francesca, thankyou my dearest!