Monday, June 30, 2008


hiding in the slightly neglected greenhouse, things keep growing even when you're not looking
will probably check on them a bit more carefully now, the last couple of weeks I've been so busy its been a case of watering but not looking.


Anonymous said...

Tomatoes -- oh, yay!

I saw our first tomato bloom yesterday and did a little dance. There is hope after all! ;-)

clairesgarden said...

things seem a bit slow to me this year, or maybe I am just more impatient? the weather was very, very dry, followed by it now being very wet.

Anonymous said...

A bit slow, or late, agreed.

HA! We had a period of very wet -- now very dry! (We're swapping weather with each other... ;-) )

bonnie said...

Me too!

I was just plain late getting mine going. All work & no play & all that.

Of course I had a lot of volunteers from last year, they had a good head start on the heirlooms.

tlchang said...

We've been totally slow this year (record cold June - until this last week when it's been nearly a record hot). My tomatoes have just been sitting there since early May. There are blossoms, but no fruit yet.

gfid said...

i was whining the other day about not having a greenhouse... and a friend came up with a brilliant solution for next year - there's a metal clad shed that could easily have a corner converted with some transparent sheeting. but this year the tomatos are very unhappy in their open air raised beds. do you do anything with green tomatos?

clairesgarden said...

Wildside, please can we swap it back again!!
Bonnie, volunteers are always welcome!!
Tara, we wnt the other way, hot and now a bit chilly.
GF, green tomato chutney!! I think I have Billy's secret recipe somewhere, time to share it out!!

Lynn said...

My tomatoes are slow to grow this year. I'm considering putting up the pvc pipes over the beds and covering with plastic. Hold in the heat and keep out the rain.