Wednesday, April 09, 2008

pop in to see

Wildside , she has just posted a fabulous series of small community videos on chickens, bees, garden growing and cooking.


Anonymous said...

Thank you! I'll go over there to check it out. I especially am interested in the bees!

I just dropped by to say hello
and to let you know there is a
little contest going on at My Serentity Garden
If you’d like to join in.

michelle said...

What a lovely blog you have created! Not to mention the terrific joke on the previous entry. I look forward to stopping in.

Anonymous said...

Hi Claire, I keep dropping by to see what's new for you and see this link. I've really been enjoying watching the videos this past week and hope others do the same, so I'll leave them up as new for awhile longer and take a blogging break!

Hope you are out in your garden enjoying Spring! The chicky chicks send you their love and our old cat kitten too. :-)