Monday, April 21, 2008

greehouse things

the onions seedlings, out in one of Billy's coldframes. these two coldframes are going to be very useful!
things! growing! whoppee!!
two kinds of lettuce, I am desparate for some fresh lettuce to eat.
some mizuna, to add to the 'hopefully soon' salad.
and some carrots, to have as a wee treat.


Anonymous said...

Hi Claire,

Yes i can't wait for fresh lettuce too.
I sent for my seeds but they have not arrive yet!
I'll be planting soon.
Everything in your greenhouse looks great!

Anonymous said...

Growing strong!!!

You are so far ahead of me in the seed starting race...


gfid said...

so green. i love green. i've planted some very old seed in my grow op, but germination is erratic.

clairesgarden said...

Becky, never take for granted the fresh lettuce from the garden, i always forget this till about oct/nov and it all dissapears!!!
Wildside, i havent anything planted outside yet, hopefully soon. just need a clear day.
Grannyfiddler, lots of green, my favourite lettue is red! i always use up my old seeds and germination is not always great. waste not want not!

Kerri said...

Ross planted some veggies in the cold frames last week. Lovely, fresh salad to look forward to :) Yours shouldn't be long!