Tuesday, April 01, 2008

varying weather

Hebe Pink Elephant, showing its best colours with its new growth in spring. the weather yesterday was absaloutly stunning, sunny, warm and calm. I even opened up the door of the greenhouse. its the opposite today of course! horizontal rain!!
Corylus Avelana Contorta, this little shrub is starting to put on some size now, it was wee for years. it spends the winter being entertaining with its twisty wood, and spring the lovely catkins. then in the summer it fades into the background. a very useful shrub/tree.

I am a big fan of the lifestyle of Permaculture and completed an introdutory course last year with Ed Tyler, one of Scotlands most active and knowlegable permaculture teachers, he has just started his own blog called Local Futures and its well worth a visit.


gfid said...

i'm having a lunchtime cuppa, enjoyed the visit, thanks :o)

clairesgarden said...

breakfast coffee on the go here, today has dawned with clear skies, and its chilly. hopefully it'll stay like this and I'll get the horses out to play.

HORIZON said...

Love the colour on that Hebe- l normally only see the purple/blue ones :)
Nice welcome home below too- not as many of my daffs came up this year for some reason- l was talking with my neighbour earlier and she had the same result- hmm. Funnily enough the last min. bulbs l planted came up the best!
Nice weekend but cooler forecast.
Just as long as there's some sun.
What a difference in the garden with the sun the other day!

Anonymous said...

As to the link, something good from Argyll besides their famous socks?!

I, for one, would like to hear more of the permaculture lifestyle going on in/at Clairesgarden! No pressure though, as I know life keeps you busy and I hope you had some fun out with the horses today instead. :-)

Anonymous said...

P.S. Love the contorted hazelnut! Mine are getting bigger too, but still don't have much of a presence yet...

peppylady (Dora) said...

Great hebe I don't have any at this time.
I real like your shrub all those twist branches.
My sister in law had a willow tree with twist branch and we start a cutting from it.

I briefly check out local futures and it looks like a nice blog and I like his banner of bachelor buttons

Gary said...

You certainly are a woman of the earth... and the water too!

clairesgarden said...

Horizon, a lot of my daffs failed to flower last year, just came up with leaves, i left them alone and this year they are putting on a great show.
Wildside, did have fun! and the hazel is a very useful plant for winter, it took its time growing!
Dora, the twisted willow is lovely, your cutting should be sucesful i think they grow quicker than the hazels. glad you liked Ed's blog.
Gary, thanks for the lovely compliment!

Anonymous said...

"Wildside, did have fun!"

Fantastic, Claire!!!