Friday, May 28, 2010

Sow Your Own

Cafe Direct are running a campaign to encourage everyody to grow their own vegetables, no matter where, no matter how much or how little space there is. They are encouraging use of any type of container and are running a competition for the most imaginative entry.
celebrities have donated items to be used as mini-gardens, this a Stella McCartney handbag
this Pearl Lowe donated tea set is getting an airing as a salad garden, how many of us have tea sets that we never use?
more information and ideas on their site at Sow Your Own.


Michael said...

What fun! I love the ideas in each photo, especially the tea cups!

Anonymous said...

Very cute ideas.

clairesgarden said...

hope their campaign encourages lots of people, its a great idea.

Helen C said...

Fantastic idea and it looks good too. Whatever and wherever the plants are, it somehow brightens up a place. Hope it catches on.