Thursday, May 27, 2010

glass bottle neck

right into Abbey's frog, and unable to tell really how deep it went. I have been cleaning daily with a bleach solution, covering it with a babys nappy and duck-tape. she has been turned out and always comes in with the dressing off but I still think its better to be out and moving.
she did this a week ago and I have been holding my breath waiting to see how lame she comes up because deep infection would mean an operation.
she's not lame.


Madcap said...

I'm lost with equine anatomy - what are we looking at in those photos?

clairesgarden said...

Madcap I'll get a post on now!

Frankie said...


Helen C said...

Hi Claire
It isn't as bad as I thought it was. But still not great. You are doing right by keeping it as clean and dry as possible and poulticing it to reduce chances of infection. If it does get infected, she will be on antibiotics and the vet will make a hole for the pus to drain out and her foot will need to be tubbed in salty water for about 10 days. So an operation should not be needed. Jake had barbed wire cut into his frog round his heel and under his fetlock. I was worried about infection too and the vet told me what happens with an infection in the foot.

Abbey is in excellent condition and well looked after, so she should be fine. Don't worry Claire!

clairesgarden said...

hey Helen, today is the first day i am not in doom and gloom about it. thats taken 8days.

Helen C said...

I know the feeling Claire! Its an awful feeling. Having been through bone spavins, suspected stress fracture, allergies/intolerances, split DDFT, side bone and two teeth incidents, I know what you are feeling and it doesn't improve the more you go through it, unfortunately.
Its great that you are feeling better about it now and less doom and gloom. It seems that with your careful management of it and her being in good health, fingers crossed you are over the worst. Give her a big hug from her aunty helen and boy friend Jake LOL.