Sunday, April 22, 2007

rhythm beads

I made Smokey some rhythm beads to wear when he's working. I had bought some for Teddy, see here, and I use them on Robbie too. they make a pleasing noise , with their little bells and I think they look nice but people do seem to look at you funny. . .
there is an interesting article about them on NagTrader

Smokeys colours are
Blue: relaxing and calming, intellect and wisdon, peace and trust. Represents adventure and exploration.
Black:emotional protection and power.
Clear/White:purity, goodness and trustworthy, combines with gold or silver to give influence and control, calms the heart, mind, nerves, emotions, brings peace and comfort.
Pink:love and relationships, emotionally soothing and calming it lessens feelings of irritation and aggresion, surounding wearer with sense of love and protection.
Gold:good consience, strenghtens the body, spirit and mind.

Teddys has Black, Clear, Pink,
Purple:for physial and mental healing.
Turquoise:to prevent falling and injury, to bring surefootedness and endurance.
Silver:trustworthy and romantic.

and another horse to note is Marv, and his rider who are doing a John O'Groats to Lands End journey, calling themselves the Long Trot


HORIZON said...

hello Claire ;)
That was an interesting post and read on the link 'NagTrader'. l have never heard of rhythm beads before- can people wear them? l need all the help l can get-lol.
l am no horse expert but think that just the focus on the regular tink and sound would help concentration. l watched a show a while back where a child with Autism was put to work with horses- amazing results- the horse seemed to be tuned into the same stimuli that the child picked up on. I could see why so many children with special needs are taken to riding centres for therapy. l think these wonderful animals are naturally intuitive. All your horse pictures are just fantastic- my daughter M has always had a natural ability with horses and enjoys reading your posts.
Bests and thanks for dropping by.
Wish the sun would come out again.

Madcap said...

I love the rhythm beads. Body, mind, spirit, us and the animals too.

Michael said...

Gee, if they're good for horses, they ought to help me paddle! ;-) I think if we had a cart, my wife and daughter would be out during this muddy season in it, but alas, we don't.
When is your departure date for Canada? You must be getting excited!

clairesgarden said...

Horizon, Teddy has just officially 'retired', but has been ridden until recently, if you put somebody who 'knows it all and is going to prove it' on her she barely responded to them, put a complete beginner on her and she never put a foot wrong, and a friendly(like me) 'lets have a nice ride out' kind of person and what a fun horse she was to go out out on. so yes, the horses always know!!
Madcap, the rhythm beads are very pleasing, I am hoping to convert many!
Michael, I just have to find you some bells that won't rust in salt water. . . . 10th of may!! and I think panic is setting in, I still need to borrow a suitcase aarghh!!

Alice (in BC Canada) said...

That sounds interesting, and Smokey looks good wearing his beads. I'll have to go to NagTrader and read more about these.

Kathleen said...

What a lovely idea! I wonder about beads for dogs...maybe for Celeste when she's older.

clairesgarden said...

Alice, Smokey is a handsome lad all round!
Kathleen, i believe they do make them for dogs and if I remember where I'll post a link.