Saturday, April 21, 2007

in the garden

early potatoes, growing! yipee!
Erythronium white beauty, complete with wee insects
Erythronium yellow pagoda
I have put 'slug off' round the emerging hosta's, I tried it last year and its very effective, its just very grittty little stones, so completly organic
saveing the hostas from slugs and snails!

this is Podophyllum hexandron, it is meant to have white flowers in the autumn, it was new in last year so didn't flower then.

new leaves of Photinia 'Red Robin'
this is the flower of the 'woad' plant, I think it will open out to be yellow.
a new poppy bud
and a very unusual flower, its a turnip!
and weeny wee saxifrage, grown from seed.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos. I do enjoy reading your blog !!

peppylady (Dora) said...

Always love looking at all your plants.
Do you know how many plants you have in your garden?

Alice (in BC Canada) said...

Claire, as usual you have some really beautiful plants there. I've heard that dried, crushed eggshells are good for getting rid of sluggs. Apparently the sharp edges cut the sluggs.

Just 3 weeks to go now.... LOL.

David (Snappy) said...

Love your hostas.i hope your slug stones work to protect them.Wierdly in my garden last year the only thing not eaten by the slugs were the hostas.
maybe they were a slug proof variety?I wish my dahlias had been they got eaten to a skeletal remain.
Love the colours of the Erythonium, and potatoes growing on.Lots for you to enjoy i hope!

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful plants - we missed out on potatoes this year.

clairesgarden said...

Lorraine, thankyou and you are very welcome!
Peppylady, I have no idea, things die and get replaced or grown over, its not 'planned', it just happens!!
Alice, I dont know if I could eat that many eggs!! but yes, it makes sound advice. and I still have to borrow a suitcase so not totally organised yet!!
Miz Nix, if you hurry you can still plant maincrop!!

Kerri said...

Those potatoes look healthy!
Your slug stones look like a good idea. I'd like to try diatomaceous earth for slug control (probably much the same), but have to find it first.
You always have some very unusual plants Claire. That Spirea sure doesn't look anything like mine!
I've never seen a turnip flower before :)
Sweet wee saxifrage :)